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The main service of these years!

Our clients are not always able to spend a lot of time visiting facilities and being present in person. In this case, we can conduct a secure transaction remotely, cooperating with the client at all stages online!

Now many of our clients are resolving their issues with moving to their country, while we are simultaneously engaged in the search and registration of the desired apartment or house. This saves a lot of time and also gives you more choice among objects (buying a home in Turkey is now very popular in Russia and the CIS countries), and it also gives you access to the best prices.

Nordic Trust Homes

The agency has been on the market for more than 10 years and has an impeccable reputation, so we are trusted even by people who a month ago did not ask questions about buying a home in Turkey.

What is included in the online deal


Primary brief. Here we get to know you, your requests, and your background data. You do not have to be a great expert in Turkish real estate, we will announce the available options, from which you can comfortably choose something suitable, we will tell you about the features of locations that you will not recognize from the forums


Object selection. We only show you properties that have passed our test! We never show objects that we doubt ourselves. To see the object, your manager who accompanies the transaction, speaking the same language as you, turns on a video link that is convenient for you, and shows and tells about the housing in all detail. You can ask to focus on something and get a comprehensive answer in a moment. This will save you a lot of time.


Contract and transaction. To start the procedure, you need a minimum of documents. At this stage, we discuss all the financial nuances and inform you about all the legal and legal issues that you need as a future homeowner


Getting TAPU. You can also safely entrust this stage to our agency, and we will issue the entire package of documents for you by proxy. We provide our clients with detailed guarantees for this important procedure.

We will answer all your questions, ask our manager now!

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