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Alanya City

The central part of the city is located on a demi-island, surrounded on one side by the Mediterranean Sea, and on the other – by the Taurus Mountains. Here are the most famous sights of the city. Lots of shops, clubs, restaurants, and beaches. In this part, there is a visiting card of the city – the Alanya fortress, around which the central district of Alanya is located.

The central part of the city of Alanya is located next to the most picturesque beaches in the region. The main beach “Cleopatra” is named after the Egyptian queen, to whom it was presented. The beach adjoins the Alanya fortress and stretches for 2 km. The beach is mostly sandy. The water is clear, three meters from the shore is already quite deep.

On the other side of the fortress is the beach “Keykubat”. It is very popular with families with children, there are practically no waves.

There is also the Damlatash beach, which is adjacent to the fortress from the Cleopatra side and is located opposite the cave of the same name. But it looks more like part of the Cleopatra beach than an independent beach.

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