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Nordic Trust Homes has more than 10 years of experience in advising and supporting real estate transactions in Turkey.

Even when we receive a request to purchase a property to live in immediately after the move, we also select an object based on business attractiveness. It is important for us that our clients receive not only an apartment or a house of their dreams but also an object growing in value.

Our second criterion is the unconditional and unconditional legal purity of the object, as well as the complete legal freedom and clarity of our clients in further transactions with this housing. We can guarantee this since the agency has been on the market for a long time, is part of a group of companies with a developer (some objects in the database belong to us), and has a strong team of professionals. We also provide multilingual communication for our clients who do not speak Russian, Turkish, or English.

Nordic Trust Homes Agency will help you to choose any type of housing:

business properties
rented properties
new builds
villas, or townhouses

Why do clients trust nordic trust homes when buying a home in turkey?

Nordic Trust Homes

Where does our work begin?


In the first stage, we get to know each other. With the client, his wishes, values, and expectations. This is especially important when working with people for whom this property purchase is their first.


Every year we receive more and more inquiries from clients who want to buy alternative property in Turkey for permanent or temporary residence, as well as for their children, parents, and especially for business purposes.

This spring, many of our clients made a reasonably quick decision to purchase a property in Turkey, they want to make a deal in a short time. Together we choose a strategy that is right for you, taking into account your lifestyle, and your initial data, including financial ones. And still, work with people for whom investing in real estate is a profession and the main income. We speak the same language, work as a team and achieve excellent results.

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