Real Estate in Antalya

Is Antalya a good investment? 

If you are looking for a mid to long-term investment in real estate, Antalya is the best choice for you. 

Ankara is known as the capital city of Turkey; Istanbul is known as the cultural capital city of Turkey where is connecting Europe to Asia and Antalya is known as the tourism capital of Turkey. Antalya is the 5th biggest city of Turkey & the biggest city of the Mediterranean Region. The population of the city is 2.222.562 inhabitants & is growing year by year. Antalya has hosted many civilizations in the history for thousands of years therefore there are many archaeological sites waiting for you to visit such as Hadrian’s Gate, Old Town(Kaleici), Termessos, Aspendons, Perge, Phaselis, Side, Simena, Olympos, Cirali, Kekova, House of St.Nicholas in Myra etc. The area of Antalya stretches from Gazipasa to Kalkan with its historical ruins, golden beaches & amazing nature. Planning to buy Real Estate in Antalya, there are so many things you can do in this lovely city.? The Old Town of Antalya a.k.a Kaleici must be your first stop. It has been well preserved & is one of the most important historical spots of Antalya. Do not forget to see the Harbour & Hadrian’s Gate. 

Olympus & Cirali are the second places worth seeing.  Olympus was one of the most important cities of Lycians. Do not miss Yanartas (Chimaera), eternal flame emerging from the mountain.  

Myra(Demre): You will fall in love with the history of this ancient Lydian city when you see the Church of St.Nicholas, theaters & rock tombs.

Aspendos is probably the most well-preserved antique theater in the region famous with its beautiful acoustic. Today, the theater is still in use staging big operas & festivals with capacity of 15,000 people.

There are many more archaelogical sites where you can visit such as Xanthos,Patara, Antiphellos, Arycanda, Limyra , Rhaselis etc. All these historical ruins increasing the popularity which makes you want to make a property investment in Antalya.

Are there many varieties of homes, properties in Antalya in popular locations, or within walking distance?

You can see the finest examples of Turkish real estate in the apartments in Antalya.They are mostly within walking distance to the sandy beaches of Mediterranean Coast and a few hours drive to the historical ruins.

Is it easy to find restaurants, Bars in Antalya?

 It is possible to find fancy restaurants and bars in the city as well.  The most popular hangout places are : Vanilla Lounge ,Seraser Fine Dining, Il VicinoPizzeria, Patio Bistro & Restaurant, 7 Mehmet,

Alp Pasa, Big Chefs Cafe & Restaurant, Castle Cafe Bar, Kaison Sushi, Turgay Et Lokantası, 

Macha Cafe & Restaurant & Kokoyaki.

If you are fond of delicious food, all the lovely Turkish  food which these restaurants are offering is another reason to buy a property in Antalya.

What kind of Climate does Antalya have?

The climate of Antalya is the best of Turkey. The city is having over 300 sunny days a year which makes Antalya & ideal place to live.  Among the European cities on the Mediterranean Coast, Antalya is the cheapest city to live & to buy a home in Turkey.  When you compare the property prices in Spain, Italy,France & Greece, you will see that the apartments in Antalya are very modern & affordable.

If you are keen to buying  an apartment in Antalya, there are two popular districts named Konyaalti Beach & Lara Beach where you can find numerous cafes,restaurants,shops,beach clubs & bars.

For those who are keen to buy a property in Antalya, these 2 districts are having great potential of rental almost the whole year.

There are not some many cities which you can play golf, make rafting, parasailing, ski ,sail, sightseeing the archaeological sites, hiking, paragliding & sunbathing on the sandy beach. This city is providing all these facilities to its inhabitants.

Property Type
Price Range
Beautiful Residential Complex in the popular holiday resort of Antalya/Belek

Modern Properties with many social facilities in Antalya/Belek

Ref Nr: 1462 — Great apartments in Antalya/Belek! This place is a tourism wonder, with its beautiful beaches, weather, golf courses, luxury hotels and real estate, this coastal area impresses investors & tourists!
1 - 2 Bed
1 - 2 Bath
50 - 85 m²
Belek / Antalya
from 185.000 EUR
More Details
18 Months Installment
New Project in Antalya/Altintas, an area that is right next to Antalya Airport

A premium class Project in Altintas is offered to you by Nordic Trust Homes

Ref Nr: 1422 — Inviting project in Antalya/Altintas, will fulfill all your desires on the Turkish Riviera.
1 - 4 Bed
1 - 3 Bath
90 - 340 m²
Altintas / Antalya
from 169.000 EUR
More Details
Stylish Apartments for sale with Luxury Touches in a Low-Rise Complex in Lara, Antalya

Low-Rise Complex in Antalya offers investment opportunities close to Antalya Airport and Lara Beach

Ref Nr: 1416 — Stylish Apartments for sale in Antalya, Lara it is one of the most preferred places in the tourism sector in Turkey.
1 - 2 - 3 Bed
1 - 2 - 3 Bath
73 - 153 m²
Lara / Antalya
from 199.800 EUR
More Details
15 Months Installment
Glorious Complex with Easy Access to the Airport from Investment Flats in Antalya

Flats with Modern Features in Antalya Offer Great Investment Potential with easy access to Airport

Ref Nr: 1415 — High-Class Flats in Antalya Offer Great Investment Potential in one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods with easy access to Airport.
1 - 2 - 3 Bed
1 - 2 Bath
65 - 150 m²
Altintas / Antalya
from 160.950 EUR
More Details
Investment Antalya Flats for sale in Altintas Offer Luxurious Living Close to Antalya Airport

Impressive Flats for sale with Great Investment Potential Near the Airport in Antalya

Ref Nr: 1414 — Newest Complex in Antalya, the perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful region with easy access to Airport & Variety of Amenities.
1 - 2 Bed
1 - 2 Bath
65 - 95 m²
Altintas / Antalya
from 135.000 EUR
More Details
Newest Antalya Flats with High-Quality and Harmonious Interiors in Altintas Close to Airport

Captivating Complex with Flats for sale with Numerous Social Facilities in Antalya Close to Airport

Ref Nr: 1400 — Stylish Flats for sale in Antalya an ideal destination for property buyers situated in an upscale cosy location in Antalya Close to Airport.
1 - 2 Bed
1 - 2 Bath
75 - 130 m²
Altintas / Antalya
from 152.000 EUR
More Details
Exceptional Complex with Flats for sale with Multiple Social Amenities in Antalya Close to Airport

Exceptional Complex with Modern Apartments for Sale with Various Amenities in Altintas, Antalya

Ref Nr: 1399 — Exceptional Complex situated in a rapidly developing region of Antalya offering a Luxurious Lifestyle in close proximity to the Airport.
1 - 2 Bed
1 - 2 Bath
72 - 98 m²
Altintas / Antalya
from 172.000 EUR
More Details
Contemporary and Investment Flats for sale Close to Antalya Airport in Altintas

Sophisticated Complex with Modern Flats Suitable for Investment in Antalya, Altintas

Ref Nr: 1398 — Luxurious Flats for sale in Antalya offering High investment potential & it is one of the most preferred places in the tourism sector in Turkey.
2 Bed
2 Bath
95 m²
Altintas / Antalya
from 189.000 EUR
More Details