Real Estate in Mersin

From which county should I buy real estate in Mersin?

Mersin, formerly known as İcel, is a Mediterranean city located in the south of Turkey.  In terms of population Mersin, the 11th largest city in Turkey, has the status of a metropolitan city.  Mersin has districts like Erdemli, Mezitli, Tece such as developing & attracting great attention from tourists & foreign investors.  If you want to buy a house in Mersin, these districts will be the place you are looking for and growing rapidly in recent years.  Mersin, the developing city, has a great economic power with its port. Mersin port, its geographical location, capacity, large truck fleet, sea route, not only in Turkey, but also in the East.  It has become the most important trade point of the Mediterranean.

Does it make sense to buy real estate in Mersin?

In recent years, real estate in Mersin has become popular for many locals & foreigners. Convenient Mediterranean climate, unique beaches & advantageous living costs, have become good for buying property or simply living in Mersin making it an option. Real estate in Mersin is often compared to other cities with the same standards & it is cheaper.  Mersin attracts attention among foreigners with its low cost of living & real estate budget. Properties that are especially close to the sea are preferred by people from Russia and Europe.  At the same time, Mersin is rich in social and daily life, it has modern facilities, which makes your life easier to invest in real estate in Mersin.  It is not too late to invest in Mersin by buying real estate.  At Nordic Trust Homes, we will give you the best advice and help you own a property in Mersin.  You can rest assure we will make it easy from beginning to end.

What are the advantages of buying real estate in Mersin?

The advantage of owning a property in Mersin is for investment purposes to obtain permanent residence or citizenship. The most important privileges of owning a house in Mersin, grants you residence permit in Turkey, guaranteed housing quality, and certification opportunities for all family members. Real estate in Mersin, by expert teams who keep the feeling of trust & satisfaction at the highest level.  It is a managed business sector. Mersin is at the forefront with its calm life & hospitality.  It is always easy to adapt to the conditions. Tastes unique to Mersin, historical places & clean sea are among the pluses for you.  At the same time, Mersin is a great place for you in terms of activity & entertainment. Explore incredible places with paragliding, scuba diving, nature walks & more are waiting to be explored by you.  Get ready to discover what makes Mersin unique.

How can I buy real estate in Mersin?

Owning a property in Mersin is wonderful thing. On the other hand, those who have a certain accumulation waiting for those who want to buy their dream house with a loan or who turn to investment property.  There are also dilemmas; "What kind of processes do I go through when buying a house in Mersin?" It's not hard anymore because there is a company that will always accompany & support you in the processes. Buying a house in holiday areas. If you have a dream, at Nordic Trust Homes, we are with you until your dream comes true. Optimal Questions such as how can I find the flat, what procedures are waiting for me in government offices should not worry, because our experienced team will give you the best advice & answer all your questions.  We are here to serve you.

In which season should I visit Mersin?

If you like hot weather & sunny, then summer is perfect for sun lovers. Moreover. You can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea to the fullest in summer on its magnificent golden sandy beaches.  But If you want to travel & explore more than enjoying the sun & the sea, the most suitable time period is the autumn months.  Winter in Mersin is warm & rainy.

I came to Mersin and I don't have a private vehicle, how can I get there?

Urban transportation in Mersin; City buses, taxis & minibuses are provided.  

You can get the Kentkart from vending machines & kiosks in many parts of the city.

In addition to these, in order to enjoy the beautiful weather & not to create traffic, it is necessary to use the bicycle. From experience, I can say that it is often preferred.

What to eat in Mersin? What are the most famous dishes?


Mersin Culinary Culture is, one of the beautiful provinces of the Mediterranean,  Mersin is a sea city adjacent to the Taurus Mountains. In the same time, It has a very rich cuisine. Mersin has a rich cultural heritage, It creates a diverse and delicious cuisine. The fact that people from different ethnic origins live in Mersin adds to the richness of Mersin cuisine.  In addition to all these similarities, Mersin cuisine also has many unique features.  Meat in Mersin cuisine is dominated by sour, spicy, tomato paste & spicy dishes. In Mersin, which has a coast to the sea, the marine culture is also very developed and fish is very favored & over-consumed.  Especially small lagos, red mullet, sole and mullet, also shellfish is preferred.

Some local dishes of Mersin:

Tantuni -- The one that comes to mind when Mersin is mentioned, is almost like the symbol of Mersin.

Batirik -- One of Mersin's famous dishes, dominated by bulgur, is Batirik.

Tarsus kebab -- Tarsus Kebab, which has become popular in recent years, is similar to Adana kebab.  Although it carries a special taste, it is separated from each other by the onion that is in the Tarsus kebab.

Squeezing -- Squeezing is one of the favorite delicacies in Mersin, where pastries are very common.

Tarsus Lahmacun -- Hazelnut lahmacun unique to Tarsus, one of the local flavors of Mersin, It is a product that has received a geographical indication registration certificate by the Patent and Trademark Office.

Thimble Soup -- A soup that will warm you up before the wonderful dishes of Mersin, thimble soup.

Kerebic dessert: When people think of Mersin, the first thing that comes to mind is tantuni. And then sweet Kerebic comes.

We wish you to taste these delicious dishes, when you come to Mersin.

Where can I visit in Mersin?

Places to see in Mersin

Cleopatra's Gate

The famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra met with her Roman lover, General Antonius.  They were welcomed with a great ceremony at Gozlu Kule in Tarsus district, and they came to the city from the Sea Gate. Today, its name still remains as the Cleopatra Gate.

Maiden's Castle

Also known as the Sea Castle, Maiden's Castle is on the coast of the neighborhood with the same name.  It is located on an islet.   According to the inscription on the castle, 1119..The castle, which was built by Leon I in B.C., is located in the Ancient City of Korykos.  It is among the known information that pirates use it as a shelter. During the excavations carried out by the Mersin Archeology Museum in the past years, there was a hole in the middle of the castle, A building complex was found. There is also a chapel in this complex and it is located in the courtyard of the castle. It has been learned that it is even older than the chapel.  With its magnificent view 600 meters from the beach you can reach the castle, which fascinates those who see it, by renting a sea bike.  In addition, Kızkalesi beach has a magnificent sandy beach and is the most frequented by tourists & locals.  It is among the popular beaches.

Mersin Marina

It is the largest marina in Turkey & has been operating since 2011. It has a total capacity of parking 500 land yachts & 500 sea yachts, including a thousand. Here It is one of the important meeting points of Mersin people. Another example of the aesthetics and beauty the marina’s add to the image of the city is Mersin marina.  The marina, located in the district center of Mersin, is one of the most crowded places in terms of social environment.  Many spend time their by going to cafes & restaurants for morning, evening, & evaluate your day.

Mersin Naval Museum

The museum, which was opened in 2010, is located in the Yenisehir district of Mersin. Inside it holds a massive collections, it has an important place in the museums of the world. It has a library of more than 500 works & 800 books reflecting the naval war history in all its details.  In addition, Located in the great main hall of the museum; models of ships, ensigns, coats of arms, military clothing and firearms, oil paintings are on display.

Ataturk House Museum

Ataturk House Museum, located in the Akdeniz district of Mersin, was founded in 1897 by the German Consulate.  It was built by Christman. Ataturk & his wife Latife Hanım spent 11 days in 1925.  It was restored and renovated upon the acceptance of the idea of making the house public.  In 1992, it was opened as Ataturk House & Museum.  Owned by the Ministry of Culture.  Photographs taken during Ataturk's visit to Mersin and brought here from Anıtkabir.  Twenty-two personal items are included.

Where can I watch the unique view of Mersin?

Camliyayla Bastepe

  It offers diversity with its mountains, canyons, caves, lakes, rivers and forests. Bastepe, which is 2230 meters high, is one of the places where most activities are held with mountain vehicles.  If you want to go to the mountains, take a good breath and enjoy the view, you should definitely visit Bastepe.

Poppy Hill

Located on the slope of the Taurus Mountains, Gelincik Hill has a magnificent sea view. It has become the favorite spot of those who love paragliding in the place. Sports lovers coming from the destinations, Gelincik, one of the most beautiful viewing points of Mersin.  They leave themselves to the sky from its hill.

Property Type
Price Range
Mersin Sea View Flats for Sale Offering Various Social Activities in Turkey

Mersin Flats for sale with a Lovely Sea View with Stylish Furnishing & Close to Beach

Ref Nr: 1364 — Trendy Complex for sale in Mersin. The region has significantly more green areas than other parts of Mersin, resulting in a high level of investment potential.
1 Bed
1 Bath
67 m²
Mezitli / Mersin
73.000 EUR
More Details
Urban Complex in Mersin, attracts lot of tourists & homeowners, thanks to its magnificent beaches

Remarkable Flats close to all daily amenities in Mersin to enjoy a tranquil lifestyle

Ref Nr: 1231 — Finely Finished Residencial Complex in Mersin, known as a frequented place for summer residents, it offers the opportunity to live in four seasons.
2 Bed
2 Bath
71 m²
Center / Mersin
from 111.000 EUR
More Details
8 Months Installment
New Residential Complex in Mersin, this region is very popular among tourists & locals

Trendy Flats with modern facilities, ensuring a comfortable living environment all year round

Ref Nr: 1230 — Trendy Complex for sale in Mersin. The region has significantly more human traffic than other parts of Mersin, resulting in a high level of investment potential.
1 Bed
1 Bath
62 m²
Center / Mersin
from 60.000 EUR
More Details
Brand-New Residential flats for sale in the most sought-after area of ​​Mersin

Tranquil Complex, for those who want to be closer to the sea, but are not ready to give up city life

Ref Nr: 1229 — Tranquil Apartments for sale in Mersin, away from the city's crowd & noise yet possesses various types of daily & social amenities.
2 Bed
1 Bath
75 m²
Center / Mersin
from 75.000 EUR
More Details
Sleek Apartments in Mersin, increasing in popularity among foreign travelers & real estate buyers

Posh Complex provides rich social facilities, in one of the most beautiful coastal regions in Mersin

Ref Nr: 1227 — Posh Complex for sale in Mersin/Alanya. This region that truly has it all with essential services & facilities within close proximity.
1 - 2 Bed
1 - 2 Bath
45 - 75 m²
Center / Mersin
from 72.000 EUR
More Details