Real Estate in Turkey

First of all, whether you are an investor or want to buy a home for yourself in Turkey, you have chosen a good guide for choosing the right choices because you have benefited from our site. Nordic Trust Homes is a company that buys, sells & produces real estate in Turkey. In other words, we have been intertwined with this business since 1987 as both a constructor & a seller institution. Our aim on this website is to gather your requests & partner construction companies in Turkey with whom we can do business, as well as to evaluate the opportunities from individual sellers accredited by our company who want to sell their house. Turkey is a country for us & a first experience or a new discovery for you. For this reason, it is important that you work with companies like us, who have the necessary legal qualifications & certificates, that have a good command of the sector, so that you can pass this process with more confident steps. Even though we explain to you with empathy about investment in real estate, buying and selling in Turkey, it would be much better if we answered the questions asked by you on some issues.

Real Estate in Turkey

Here are the questions encountered;

What documents do I need to bring with me when I first come to buy a house in Turkey?

People who come to Turkey to buy investment or real estate should bring with them the original electricity & water bills, which show their permanent address, as well as their passports. 

In addition, birth & marriage certificates belonging to their children & spouses with whom they came together are required documents when making an official transaction.

What documents are needed to buy a house in Turkey?

It is necessary to get a passport, a newly taken photo & a tax number from the tax number system for Foreigners, which you can easily get even from the internet when you come to Turkey.

Can I buy a house in Turkey without coming to Turkey?

Of course you can. For this, it is sufficient to send an apostille Notary Power of Attorney document from a notary public in your country or a Power of Attorney written in Turkish from the Turkish consulate in your country.

Do the formalities of buying a house in Turkey take too long?

No. Only after you decide & agree on the payment method with the seller, who is the other party, the expert report of the real estate you will buy in Turkey takes 2 days. The average time from the stage of application to the title deed to the deed signature phase is 5 working days. However, in cases where there are many queues, this period can be up to 10 days. In case of a delay in the transaction, when the Buyer shows the return flight ticket, the Land Registry Directorate takes care & provides assistance.

Is it easy to bring money to buy a house in Turkey?

Of course, there are international regulations as well as the laws of every country. According to this, a person can keep a maximum of 10,000 dollars while changing country in cash. We will explain alternatives to sending your payments when you contact us in Turkey. However, some difficulties may be encountered in sending money, especially recently due to the Ukraine-Russian war.

I will come to Turkey for the first time and I want to buy a house. How can you help me?

We specifically explain this issue when we reach you via our seller, either by e-mail or other communication channels. Because the most important issue is to do useful work within a program when you come to Turkey & to solve your transfer, accommodation, eating & drinking problems are our biggest duties.

I am coming to Turkey for the first time. Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country. 

Is there anything you would like to warn me about regarding the culture & belief of the people?

Yes. It's a really interesting question. One of the least known facts about Turkey is that most of the people of Turkey are Muslims &  according to the Muslim culture it has nothing to do with the civilized world. Because in modern countries, beliefs are completely free. It is personal. Turkey is the land of freedom. Freedoms are also open to those who want to worship. However, Turkey is a secular state founded after a great war under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's great personal struggle. For this reason, the public respects Atatürk, his principles & wants them to be heard.

Are the prices to buy a house in Turkey expensive compared to other countries?

On the contrary, house prices in Mediterranean countries like Turkey are much higher than in Turkey. Since the purchasing power of the people in Turkey is lower than in European countries, real estate prices are also affected in parallel.

What would you like to say about the construction materials used & their quality?

It should be evaluated within the limits that should be quality controlled. We need to examine the construction quality & the decoration quality separately. In the construction phase of the projects produced by the construction companies in Turkey, independent building inspection firms bear a great responsibility. These companies analyze the cement & iron thrown on each floor and allow the other floor after they find it technically appropriate. What we call decoration quality is the durability quality of the materials used, apart from the structural strength. Let us proudly state that many building and decoration materials are produced in Turkey. Some of the Turkish building materials have become worldwide brands. Turkey has become one of the top ten countries exporting building materials in the world in 2021.

Turkey is a country in an earthquake zone. Accordingly, how is the quality of the structures?

Yes, some regions of Turkey are in the earthquake zone. Those who want to buy a house in Turkey are more concerned about the building quality than the earthquake. Turkey has taken a very big step in this regard. With a law enacted in 1999, the new construction system regulation increased the amount of iron used and it was able to carry the use & quality of concrete to world standards. Especially Antalya, Alanya & Mersin regions are far from the earthquake zone. Istanbul is in the earthquake zone.

Why are some regions in Turkey closed to the session of Foreigners?

Actually, this question is not quite correct. By buying a house in Turkey, citizenship can reside anywhere. There is no closed zone for them. However, there are neighborhoods that were closed as a precaution so that the economic balances would not develop to the detriment of Turkish citizens with the circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This is generally true for extraordinary times of unbalanced immigration. Recently, the practice of not giving residence permits to rented houses has started. As a result of this, population movement will be more homogeneous and these regions will be opened to residents. In fact, some of those who buy a house in Turkey do not have a residence permit problem because they work in their own country & they come & go to Turkey for less than two months.

Is there any other procedure I have to do after buying a house in Turkey?

After buying a house in Turkey, we need to get the subscriptions. You must declare a copy of the title deed & a copy of the passport to the municipality. There will be people around you who will help you with internet, electricity & water subscriptions. In addition, you can print your contact information with the management of the apartment or complex where your new house is located, & you can learn your dues information from the apartment or complex management.

Can I use a loan from banks in Turkey to buy a house in Turkey?

Until the last year or two, there was no obstacle to using loans from banks in Turkey. However, recently the difficulties have been brought to the use of credit. If you can solve the credit problem from the country you live in, the best thing is to get it from there. If there are any developments later, we will inform you.

I bought a house in Turkey. However, I do not understand some of the information on the Deed. Is there a document that explains these?

Of course there is. I'm putting a deed photo below with explanations for you. Please check.

From which region should I buy a house in Turkey?

This is a question that is directly proportional to your needs & preferences. However, if it is necessary to answer, every region of Turkey is more beautiful than the other. The people are hospitable. However, the city preferred by the citizens of other countries is generally Antalya.

Can I invest in Turkey?

Yes, you can. Because Turkey is in the category of developing countries. Since it is a democratic country, your rights are guaranteed by Turkish & international laws.

I bought a house in Turkey. Do I have to have insurance?

There are two home insurance systems in Turkey. The first is Dask insurance. This insurance is mandatory. This insurance, which is a fund run by the state, helps the owners of the houses damaged in the earthquake in the maximum amount determined every year. For the year 2023, this amount is 630.000 TL.

In addition, if you optionally take out home insurance from private insurance companies, you will be paid up to the insurance premium limit in many cases, especially in fire, flood, & theft.

Property Type
Price Range
Luxury boutique complex in Oba/Alanya

Apartments in Oba/Alanya with built-in appliances and developed infrastructure.

Ref Nr: 1479 — This project in Oba/Alanya will not leave you indifferent due to its unique location and design features.
2 - 3 - 4 Bed
2 - 3 Bath
80 - 220 m²
Oba / Alanya
from 260.000 EUR
More Details
Complex with full sea view in Payallar/Alanya

Full sea view apartments for sale in Alanya

Ref Nr: 1478 — Payallar is a popular holiday destination among foreigners and affordable prices on properties
1 - 2 Bed
1 Bath
50 - 95 m²
Payallar / Alanya
84.000 EUR
More Details
Spacious apartment in the center of Alanya

Apartment in the center of Alanya in a complex with full infrastructure

Ref Nr: 1477 — The apartment in a complex with developed infrastructure in the center of Alanya is presented by Nordic Trust Homes.
4 Bed
2 Bath
220 m²
Center / Alanya
340.000 EUR
More Details
12 Months Installment
Comfortable residential complex in Alanya/Payallar

Multi-storey complex with apartments for sale in Alanya

Ref Nr: 1476 — Apartments in Payallar are ideal for permanent residence, holiday or investment!
1 - 2 - 3 Bed
1 - 2 Bath
60 - 135 m²
Payallar / Alanya
from 125.000 EUR
More Details
Turkish Citizenship
Charming complex within walking distance from the sea in Oba, Alanya

Properties with high quality internal infrastructure in Oba, Alanya

Ref Nr: 1474 — This Project in Oba is an ideal option for you if you plan to live in a complex situated in a quiet residential area away from the hustle & bustle of tourism but still close to the center of Alanya.
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Bed
1 - 2 - 3 Bath
65 - 157 m²
Oba / Alanya
from 250.000 EUR
More Details
Cozy Apartment under Construction in Mahmutlar, Alanya is for Sale!

Modern Properties under Construction are offered in Alanya, Mahmutlar

Ref Nr: 1473 — Bright Apartments in the coastal town of Alanya, Mahmutlar, which will leave nothing to be desired thanks to the luxurious social activities!
1 - 2 Bed
1 - 2 Bath
78 - 170 m²
Mahmutlar / Alanya
from 99.000 EUR
More Details
Cozy Apartment in Alanya/Avsallar surrounded by green landscape

Newly built Apartment in a beautiful residential Complex available in Alanya, Avsallar

Ref Nr: 1472 — Fantastic Apartment in Alanya, Avsallar! Avsallar is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, pine forests and luxury hotels, living here is everyone's dream!
2 Bed
2 Bath
92 m²
Avsallar / Alanya
180.000 EUR
More Details
Second Sea row Apartments are now for sale in Alanya, Kargicak!

Enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean beach with these new Apartments in Alanya, Kargicak

Ref Nr: 1471 — Brand new Properties in Alanya, Kargicak with great facilities offer you a comfortable life on the Mediterranean coast.
1 - 2 - 3 Bed
1 - 2 Bath
55 - 180 m²
Kargicak / Alanya
from 85.000 EUR
More Details