Real Estate in Alanya

Can you tell me more about Alanya?

Alanya, formerly Alaiye is one of the most important touristic town of Turkey, situated around 138 km east of Antalya.  Alanya is having almost 400,000 population & is one of the biggest town of Turkey. The town’s history lies back 20,000 B.C & has been an important stronghold for many empires such as Ptolemaic,Byzantine, Seljuk, Memluk & Ottomans. The town has lived its golden era at Sultan of Seljuk, Alaaddin Keykubat.  At his time, the shipyard & the 33 meter high brick Red Tower have been built.  The statue of Alaaddin Keykubat can be seen in the small park which is at the west entrance of Alanya.

Is Alanya a popular tourist city?

Tourism in Alanya started in 1958 & its historic heritage made Alanya a popular tourism destination within a few decades.  9% of the tourism income of Turkey comes from Alanya & 30% from foreign real estate purchases which are happening in Alanya as well. Every year tourism in Alanya is growing rapidly with new built 5 star hotels & modern residences.  

Are there many things to see & visit in Alanya?

Things to see in Alanya are:

Alanya Castle(Kale), Red Tower(Kızıl Kule), Ship Yard, Harbour, Kleopatra Beach,

Statue of Sultan Keykubat, Syedra Castle, Dimcay, Sapadere Kanyon, Dim Cave, 

Incekum Beach etc.

Alanya’s most popular hangout places are: Harbour Restaurant, 

Red Tower Restaurant, Lokanta Su, Bistro Floyd, Kasikara Restaurant, 

Barcelona Restaurant, Marina Restaurant, Kolcuoglu Restaurant.

What are some of the most popular tourist hotspots?

The most popular bars & clubs of Alanya are: 

Summer Garden, James Dean,Club Havana, Club Hollywood, Club Istanbul, Latino Club,

Bistro Bellman, Robin Hood Bar, Club Arena.

Alanya is a favourite destination for Jeep Safari, Parasailing, Paragliding, Scuba diving, 

Boat Tour, Beach Parties, Hunting, Fishing, etc.

Does Alanya have a Cruise Terminal?

On the northeastern edge of Mediterranean,  Alanya is a popular port for cruise lines as well, connecting Greece, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus & other parts of Mediterranean.

How is the health care system in Alanya?

Turkey has a very professional health care system, there are many private hospitals providing health care with latest technology medical equipment. There are three main private hospitals in Alanya which cooperates with European insurance companies which are Anadolu hospital, Baskent hospital & Yasam hospital.

Buying Property in Alanya, & in what districts?

Alanya consists of different districts such as Avsallar, Konakli, Oba, Kestel, Mahmutlar, Kargicak & Gazipasa.  All these districts are getting developed at the same time but each district is having its own construction form.  For example,the buildings in Kestel & Kargicak can consist of only 5 floors while in Mahmutlar it can be 12 floors.  This fact gives a unique character to the area.  Apartments in Alanya are mostly located very close to the sea while villas are rather more distanced.  We at Nordic Trust Homes are having all the necessary information regarding all these district & will be glad to assist you at your Viewing Trip.

What other benefits are there in buying real estate in Alanya?

Buying property in Alanya is always good & fruitful investment.  Prices are reasonable & most of the properties  & are only a few minutes walking distance to the beaches. Property in Alanya starts from 45,000 euros & they are mostly in complex with fitness, swimming pool, sauna, caretaker, etc. It is almost impossible to find contemporary apartments with such facilities in other parts of Turkey. There are more benefits of buying homes in Alanya:  You can rent out your apartment in Turkey at the times which you don’t have holiday.There is a huge demand on daily-weekly & monthly rentals during the season. In 22 weeks period, you can make 7% of the property value annually. Nordic Trust Homes is having this ‘’letting service’’ for a very reasonable fee.

Please ask for further details.

The luxurious units are around 80,000 euros & villas are around 130,000 euros with situated in a complex with facilities & community.

Gazipasa airport which has been opened a few years ago made Alanya even more popular destination.  The airport provided an easy access to the town which started to value the properties up year by year.We can say that buying a home in Alanya became more profitable after Gazipasa airport got opened.  The airport is only 39 km away from the Centrum of Alanya & this effects the number of visitors in a positive way. The new opening faculties at the university is increasing the popularity of Alanya as well. There are many foreign students who prefer studying at Akdeniz University as well as Turkish students. Every year,new faculties are added up in Alanya.  There are tourism, engineering & business administration faculties in Alanya at the moment.

Alanya is a very ideal town to live in with its crystal blue Mediterranean Sea, blue flagged beaches, modern apartments with various facilities, various outdoor facilities, lovely restaurants, famous nightlife & historical background.  Due to all these facts, many Europeans are deciding to buy real estate in Alanya every year.

At Nordic Trust Homes, we will be glad to help you  choosing your dream home in Alanya.

Property Type
Price Range
Spacious apartment in the center of Alanya

Apartment in the center of Alanya in a complex with full infrastructure

Ref Nr: 1477 — The apartment in a complex with developed infrastructure in the center of Alanya is presented by Nordic Trust Homes.
4 Bed
2 Bath
220 m²
Center / Alanya
340.000 EUR
More Details
Luxury Apartment in the heart of Alanya in a residential Complex with 5 star hotel comfort!

Apartment in a luxury Complex with hotel facilities in the heart of Alanya!

Ref Nr: 1467 — Two-room Apartment in Alanya, an opportunity to improve your quality of life on the Mediterranean, in the center of this beautiful coastal town with all kinds of social activities nearby.
1 Bed
1 Bath
47 m²
Center / Alanya
from 109.000 EUR
More Details
Turkish Citizenship
Modern Apartments will soon be completed in Alanya

Chic Apartments in Alanya surrounded by nature with a beautiful view

Ref Nr: 1463 — Chic Penthouses in Alanya with many social facilities in the Residential Complex, which ensure a comfortable life or vacation on the Mediterranean coast.
2 - 3 Bed
1 - 2 Bath
75 - 130 m²
Center / Alanya
from 340.000 EUR
More Details
Move-in ready Apartment in Alanya, close to the famous Cleopatra Beach!

Finished Apartment near the famous Cleopatra Beach

Ref Nr: 1460 — A ready-to-move-in Apartment with furniture in Alanya center, here you have all amenities in just a few minutes walk, the famous Cleopatra Beach is also very close.
1 Bed
1 Bath
45 m²
Center / Alanya
127.500 EUR
More Details
Turkish Citizenship
Ultra luxurious Villas are available in the popular location of Alanya

Villas in Alanya with a dream view of the Castle

Ref Nr: 1432 — Incredibly beautiful Villas in Alanya brought to you by Nordic Trust Homes. Spend wonderful times with your family in this beautiful seaside town.
4 Bed
3 Bath
282 m²
Center / Alanya
1.550.000 EUR
More Details
Beautiful Properties in the heart of Alanya are now for Sale!

Dream Real Estate with prime location in Alanya

Ref Nr: 1424 — Buy your Property now in the most popular part of Alanya, where a comfortable life awaits you near the famous Cleopatra Beach.
1 - 2 - 4 Bed
1 - 2 Bath
63 - 160 m²
Center / Alanya
from 188.125 EUR
More Details
Great project between the pine forests in Alanya!

This Project in Alanya is different!

Ref Nr: 1420 — Would you like to be close to the city center but still enjoy the peace and quiet? These properties in Alanya make it possible for you!
3 - 4 Bed
3 Bath
130 - 170 m²
Center / Alanya
from 240.000 EUR
More Details
Spacious Luxury Apartments in Alanya with Rich Social Amenities 650m from The Sea

Family-Friendly Complex with Central Spacious Apartments in Alanya Offer Great Social Facilities

Ref Nr: 1413 — Luxury Living at Central Alanya Apartments Close to the Beach makes it easy for you to fully embrace a relaxing lifestyle.
1 Bed
1 Bath
56 m²
Center / Alanya
from 169.900 EUR
More Details