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Nordic Trust Homes
Nordic Trust Homes
Is a developer and a large international real estate agency, part of the private holding Akdeniz Kasapoglu. Our construction business has successfully grown for over 45 years. We are actively involved in increasing the housing stock of Alanya – we have built and put into operation thousands of beautiful apartments.
Real Estate Ownership
Real Estate Ownership
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Property Buying Online
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Assistant Info Tour
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Services After-Sale
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Nordic Trust Homes has been in the real estate agency market for 10 years. The company has a long-term positive and strong reputation. We advise our clients and help build profitable investment strategies in Turkey. We are proud of our team of professionals and our clients. Why Nordic Trust Homes is really trusted, because we have only reliable partnership. This applies to all levels: our developers, owners and contractors. We do a lot of research on the object before we offer it to our client. 100% legal
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Why Nordic Trust Homes is Really Trusted
Because we can only progress with trust
Only Reliable Partnership
This applies to all levels: our developers, owners, and contractors. We do a lot of research on the object before we offer it to our client. 100% legal purity and legitimacy of the transaction, the absence of encumbrances and hidden nuances. The reputation of Nordic Trust Homes has been built over the years, and our clients appreciate us for it.
Our Team
No random people on the team. All of our employees are trained before they communicate with the client. Therefore, we provide especially fast service and communication at the first stage when objects are selected and international information is needed, it is necessary to consult on the legal and financial features of the transaction while the client is waiting for an objective assessment of profitability.
Best Conditions
Yes, we are who make truly unique offers. Firstly, we built many objects ourselves. Secondly, we cooperate with a large number of developers in Turkey and have exclusive conditions for our clients. The most favorable prices, comfortable and safe transaction support, and most importantly – expert vision, forecasts, analysis which are relevant at this specific time. “Just to sell” is not us.
Huge Base of Objects
We add new offers every day that have been thoroughly tested. This is the most diverse real estate from all over the territory of vast and beautiful Turkey; small inexpensive apartments, luxury villas, comfortable apartments in the metropolis.
We Are Nearby 24/7
Our clients trust us because they can reach us after business hours and ask non-standard questions. And this often happens at the stage of concluding a deal, especially during adaptation in a new place.For 10 years, we have learned how to do a proactive service that covers 90% of possible situations.For us, these are already many times resolved questions-“how to find cleaning company” “who will look after housing” “children need to get a school closer ”etc. Yes, we know what to do and never leave our clients alone with a problem
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