Yacht tourism in Alanya


What is Alanya's position in terms of yacht tourism?

Yacht tourism in Alanya has long remained in the shadow relative to other coastal regions. However, in recent years, the situation has begun to change for the better for this beautiful corner. Previously, the main obstacle to the development of yachting in Alanya was the lack of a marina, which is a key factor for the development of yacht tourism. However, its emergence in 2011 changed the picture: the marina is located away from the city noise and just a mile away from Cleopatra Beach, making Alanya more attractive to sailors.

Certainly, the Aegean coast has remained at the forefront of yacht tourism for many years and continues to maintain its superiority today. However, modern navigation technologies have made offshore yachting more appealing, and now marinas in the Antalya Bay attract many more yachts than before. New docks built in the region open up endless expanses of the Mediterranean Sea to sailors, inviting them to new maritime adventures.

What does yacht tourism entail in Alanya?

Alanya, a city surrounded by the sea, makes it an ideal destination for various water sports and activities. Nearly 90% of the city's population has access to beaches within walking distance, contributing to the popularity of water-based entertainment. Among those enjoying seaside leisure, activities such as paragliding, banana boat rides, and water skiing are particularly popular.

Thanks to the multifunctional port located right in the city center, thousands of tourists embark on yacht cruises daily, enjoying magnificent views and excellent pastimes. Many of them, dreaming of owning their own yacht, join cruise excursions to explore the sea and see the beauty of Alanya's coastline, including its fortified bays and clear waters. These cruises also offer various entertainment programs, including dance shows and parties.

Alanza port Port in Alanya


However, yacht tourism in Alanya encompasses not only yacht cruises but also a wide range of activities available to both yacht owners and renters. Among them, activities such as deep-sea fishing, diving, multi-day sea voyages known as "Blue Tours," and visits to various ports and bays are especially popular.

Yacht tourism in Alanya provides an opportunity for everyone to experience the magic of the sea and enjoy a variety of water-based entertainment and adventures.

Is it difficult to reach other marinas from Alanya by sea?

The Alanya Marina is strategically located to provide convenient access to other yacht marinas in the region. It is situated at a moderate distance from many yacht harbors, avoiding river mouths and ensuring an economical speed (14 miles per hour). Entries and exits from the marina are supervised by port officials who provide assistance in yacht navigation. Before venturing into the sea, information about weather conditions and sea status is provided. Ground-based radars, beacons, and modern communication devices ensure safe navigation.

It is important to note that some tourist resorts are distant from Alanya when traveling by sea.

  • For example, West Side is 33 miles away,
    Antalya Marina is 65 miles away,
    Kemer is 84 miles away,
    Kaş is 154 miles away,
    Fethiye is 200 miles away, and Rhodes Island is 204 miles away.

    Gazipaşa is 27 miles to the east, Taşucu is 91 miles away, and Mersin is 123 miles away.

    The distance to Cyprus Island to the south is 97 miles.

Can I provide yachtsmen with the necessary technical information about the marina?

The Alanya Marina is located at geographical coordinates 36 degrees 33 minutes 25 seconds north latitude and 31 degrees 57 minutes 07 seconds east longitude. Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radio waves are used for communication on channels 16 and 73, with the call sign "Alanya Marina."

The marina offers berthing for 287 yachts on shore and anchorage for 150 yachts. The approach and anchoring method involve using a stern-to-shore line.

Can I leave my yacht for an extended period? Is it safe? What are the conditions?

Alanya Marina provides long-term yacht accommodation services. The marina is located in a safe area, secured by private security services, official port authorities, and customs. The port is serviced by 8 port police officers. Geographically, the marina is protected from storms and high waves. It does not accept uninsured yachts; however, insurance services are easily available in Alanya, and you can receive necessary support and consultation on this matter.


Is there anything else you would like to mention that we haven't thought of?

Yes. As you know, maritime business is serious business. The sea is no joke. Therefore, be sure to rely on weather and maritime reports. Entrust the maintenance of your boat to knowledgeable and experienced individuals. Do not dispose of hazardous waste in the marina haphazardly. In particular, leave oil, bilge water, paint residues, paint cans, and battery waste in locations designated by the authorities.

Be sure to check your gear and life jackets.

Have a good time... May you have plenty of wind and your bow clear.

Aganta burina burinata! (c) Fisherman from Halicarnassus

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