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The spread of means of transport and communication has made our world even smaller. With the development of the logistics sector, the movement of capital easily overcomes geographical barriers. People can manage their work remotely, so some of the changes taking place in these areas have gone so far that they can be called reforms, especially in the business sector.
People can get higher education and improve their skills while in different cities. High-speed trains, airlines, and public transport now provide people with more cost-effective services, and governments are moving towards digital structuring in many of their institutions. People now have the opportunity to control work processes remotely, so they have more time for themselves.

The facilitation of political and economic relations between countries from the point of view of citizens and business life is also developing very quickly under the influence of the above factors. Of course, in this rapidly developing process, I would once again like to raise the question of such a concept as “supply and demand”.
Anyone who wants to succeed in business life must pay attention to the supply and demand equation.

In parallel with developed countries selling their known capital and technological advantages to the rest of the world, capital markets have developed in many countries. The resulting capital markets, which are the brains and labor force of this country, create a certain atmosphere of cultural development and social relief. People's easy access to information and documents also helps accelerate this prosperity.
A significant number of people living at this accelerating pace earn more than they need and especially dream of traveling, seeing other regions, and having a more enjoyable life.
Despite all these global movements, the most popular region for people to come, see, and live in peace is the countries of the Mediterranean basin. The most attractive countries in terms of history, culture, and nature are located on the Mediterranean coast. These countries, from west to east, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey, serve the tourism of the modern world with their climate and wide coastlines.


Unfortunately, Turkey gets a smaller share of the tourism pie compared to the countries listed above. The reasons for this are that tourism in Turkey started very late and the tourist facilities were not able to achieve the required quality.
However, in recent years, Turkish tourism has received a new impetus due to the provision of residence permits and long-term residence permits to home buyers, becoming an alternative to hotel tourism, which first began in Europe (Portugal, Spain). Many tourists who come to hotels in our country do not find the hotel stay sufficient both in terms of time and concept and want to stay longer in the beautiful geography of Turkey and get to know the culture and people better. By purchasing a home, they not only spend more time in our country but also introduce cultural innovations by actively participating in city life. And accordingly, they bring additional economic growth to the cities and regions in which they live.


Although the convenience of buying a house for foreigners first appeared in our country back in the late 1990s, it reached a new level after 2010 with the advent of the advertising industry and the construction industry. Since 2010, Alanya beaches have become very popular. The construction industry has become more developed, advertising has become more effective, and satisfying the needs of visiting tourists has also played a big role. Thus, Alanya began to be mentioned along with Dubai, Thailand, Greece, and Spain, which are the most popular destinations in the world.

You can talk about Alanya endlessly, starting with history and culture, and ending with its significance in the country’s economy. Just today we would like to clarify its significance both from the point of view of tourism and the economy.

Alanya has become a center of Turkish tourism in recent years. If we talk about numbers, the number of tourists staying in Alanya in 2023 will be 4,000,000 people. The number of tourists visiting Antalya is 16,000,000 people. In other words, every fourth tourist coming to Antalya goes to Alanya. The rest prefer other tourist cities in Antalya; Side, Manavgat, Belek, Kemer, Konyaalti, Kas, Finike, Lara.

Most tourists coming to Alanya prefer houses that they buy or rent, rather than hotels, as before. In fact, the demand for rentals has reached such a high level that the government has had to take some restrictive measures to prevent prices from rising to “astronomical” levels.

This turn of events is a great success, despite the great political chaos that is observed throughout the world. This shows that Alanya tourism has taken the right path. Residences with Turkish baths, saunas, swimming pools, sports grounds, and recreational facilities are in great demand, raising the quality bar higher every day.


The very fact that our region is still at the stage of active development amazes many guests, and after the completion of infrastructure works that will increase the transport capabilities of Alanya, the area around Gazipasa Airport will deservedly become the apple of the region’s eye.

Demirtaş, a new area that still lags behind in terms of average property values, represents a great opportunity for investors. It can be said that an investor who buys an investment property in Demirtaş worth 100,000 euros will be able to double his income in a maximum of 10 years.

The past is a mirror of our future. Considering that housing prices in our region are growing by an average of 5% every year in euros and dollars, our company's investor support campaigns are bringing visible profits.

Our construction company's residential complex project, which we implemented in Demirtas, offers both benchmark value for us and great opportunities for our investors.

The sun rises into your home at dawn, surrounded by Mediterranean nature. The Sapadere Valley and the Sapa mountain river running through it are the golden pearls of our new project in Demirtas.

We have given special importance to every detail in our project, which you can learn more about thanks to our catalogue. Share with us a wonderful life in unity with nature...

Best regards, Nordic Trust Homes.

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