What is the situation now, after two years of war between Ukraine and Russia


Exactly two years have passed since the beginning of the open military conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Despite previous clashes between Ukraine and pro-Russian separatist regions that occurred during this time, the events have officially taken on the character of military actions.


The Russian Federation and Ukraine are two independent states closely linked culturally, historically, and geographically. Ukrainian lands, which have been under unified state authority for a long time, remain strategically important and productive. Ukraine possesses significant agricultural potential capable of supplying the entire Europe.

The internal and external policies of Ukraine are closely intertwined. On one hand, the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union controlled these lands for many years, while on the other hand, developed European countries and the USA sought to detach Ukraine from Russia and expand their sphere of influence. Ukrainian politicians, at one point, demonstrated the ability to geographically divide the country, creating an atmosphere that supports the idea of political division by highlighting the eastern and western banks of the Dnieper River through color symbolism – blue and orange.

This ongoing conflict, which began on February 24, 2022, has escalated into a full-fledged war and continues unabated, claiming the lives of hundreds of people to this day. Despite the participation of regional countries in relevant international agreements, the situation has become a severe trial for the population sharing the same fate. The economies of the countries involved have also suffered colossal damage.


The current situation has prompted people to take unconventional steps. At the onset of the war, Turkey became one of the first countries chosen by many Russian and Ukrainian expatriates for urgent relocation. Despite initially having a positive economic impact on the Turkish construction industry and tourism, it later became the cause of several demographic problems.

Primarily, Europe began exerting pressure on Turkey in various areas, particularly in the field of financial transfers. The USA and Europe express a position supporting the cessation of Turkey's relations with Russia. Nevertheless, Turkey does not take sides with Europe on this issue, maintaining open airspace and maritime spaces, not disrupting trade ties, and maintaining equal relations with both Ukraine and Russia.

Turkish tourism attracted a significant number of tourists from Russia and Ukraine, especially in the 2000s. Citizens of these two countries continue to choose Turkey for living, where they lead a calculated and consciously peaceful lifestyle.

Investigating the reasons for difficulties in issuing residence permits to Russian tourists in Turkey could be useful. It is essential to understand that this issue is not one-sided, and there may be factors unknown to us. Restrictions imposed by Turkey may not cause serious concerns in Russia. Perhaps there are other aspects of which we are unaware.


Understanding the complexity of historical processes and events, we are unable to determine who is in the right. It is crucial to acknowledge that these questions have high significance for Turkey, including ensuring security in the Black Sea, adherence to the Montreux Convention, and considering the status of Crimea.

Efforts are underway to put an end to this war, which has been ongoing for two years. At present, the conflict has taken the form of psychological warfare, where the parties aim to destroy each other's strategic goals. Countries in the region are making maximum efforts to prevent the spread of the conflict to their territories.

The search for a country that could act as a mediator in ending the war has become complicated and pessimistic. The USA and Russia considered both sides of the conflict, and expected support from third countries, making the search challenging.

If the situation continues in this vein, it may lead to a return to a bipolar world order similar to that which existed thirty years ago. The involved parties anticipate clarity from third countries and active support, which could make the situation even more complex.


It is crucial to recognize that there will be no winners or losers in this war. Many countries are involved and possess the potential for chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, posing a serious threat to both the environment and humanity as a whole. Therefore, the necessity to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict becomes the top priority.

We hope that other countries, regardless of their involvement in the conflict, will pursue an active peaceful policy. The Turkish people are painfully observing the war's course, considering the close ties between the parties. We aspire to a future with hope, instilling in our children a respect for humanity, nature, and rules, and we call for the establishment of universal human rights and legal norms. We hope for a swift end to this war and the achievement of peace.

Best wishes.

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