Alanya, one of the most popular tourist locations in Turkey, The city known for its beaches, Shopping & Entertainment

Entertainment And Shopping In Alanya, Turkey

 Alanya is by far one of the most popular tourist locations in Turkey, and that is because you always have places to visit, from the shopping centres to more entertaining attractions like discos, yacht parties, dance shows and many more. The city is always alive and bustling with energy and fun activities. The city is known for its beach resorts and is popular for having more locations for tourists to explore, either in solitary or with their loved ones. 
In Alanya, tourists are bound to find almost anything, and it could be the next favourable location for your holidays and getaways. In this article, we'll cover all you need to know about entertainment, shopping and how to enjoy the pleasure of Alanya in Turkey. 

Best Shopping Centres In Alanya 

Shopping in Alanya

Alanyum shopping mall is the best place to buy only high-quality items at exclusive prices. The mall houses the best brands and stores with discount offers and bonuses for customers. The mall has almost everything a tourist needs, from clothing and shoes to electronics, eye-wear, books, house accessories and more. Groceries are also available in the mall, and a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables await you. Other shopping centres in Alanya include:

Konakli Time Center 

Konakli time center offers the best variety of local brands and items that any expat or tourist would need. The shopping centre is close to Alanya's beachfront resort, making it a frequently visited shopping centre for tourists who visit the beach. It is the best place to pick up some fast food and relax after a wonderful time at the beach. 

Neva Outlet

Neva outlets have some of the best offers for clothing and accessories. The top quality brands in the shopping centre range from men's to women's and children's wear. Outfits are discounted, and they come at affordable prices for all. The shopping centre is a short stroll from the coast and is easily accessible to major tourists visiting Alanya

Cuma Pazari

Cuma pazari is the next stop for everything groceries, fruits and vegetables. It bubbles the most on Friday mornings, and you'd find both locals and tourists shopping with so much delight on their faces. The shopping centre isn't restricted to groceries alone, and you'd also find a beautiful array of clothes and accessories for yourself and your loved ones.


Megamall is located halfway between Alanya and Antalya, and in the store, you'd find different sections for various stores and items. There is a store for everything in the megamall, and Items sold often include clothing and accessories, electronics, groceries, and more. Items are sold at relatively low prices and are of excellent quality. More popular shopping centres in Alanya are Bovinya curtain, Idalya boutique, etc. 

Best Entertainment Centres In Alanya, Turkey

While we've gone through most of the shopping locations in Alanya, there is still much more to look forward to, especially in terms of entertainment and fun activities in the city. Here are some major entertainment spots to visit as a tourist or expat in Alanya, Turkey.

Fire Of Anatolia- The Dance Show

The fire of Anatolia is a highlight in Alanya, and it is a Turkish dance group with 120 dancers. Tourists can visit the Arena and watch the le-gendary group perform this spectacular dance. The dance show is an iconic event with two world Guinness records for being the fastest dance performance and having the largest audience of 400,000 at a time. The group has performed in numerous shows, and they are a significant highlight for entertainment in Alanya. The ticket is sold for €75 per person, and the show often promises to give the best entertainment and a charming display of Turkish culture. 

Disco Yacht Party And Night Cruise In Alanya

Nightlife in Alanya

Disco yacht parties are for the life of the parties and the people interested in the nightlife in Alanya. The party features exclusive music, drinks, fire shows, and many exciting people to mix with. What's more interesting is that it comes at a relatively affordable fee of €45.85 per person. This is another highlight of Alanya's nightlife for tourists and expats to look forward to. The night cruise is another nightlife activity to try out. It's a space to dance the night away on a party boat cruise and enjoy the feel of good music. Tickets to the night disco cruise can be gotten for as low as €54.72 per person. 

Final Note

One of Alanya's many charms is its beauty and availability of several places to tour. Entertainment is at the core of the beach resort city, and there is never a dull moment for tourists and expats. If you're looking to visit the city, the locations listed above can be one of your first touchpoints. 

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