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Can I use the phone I bought from another country in Turkey?

A foreign mobile phone, not purchased in Turkey, you will need to register your mobile’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number in 60 days after you get in the country. If you are coming for one time & going to stay less than 60 days their is no need to do anything… but if you bought an apartment in Turkey & don’t want to have problem about your mobile every time you come or planning to stay couple of months pay attention to what you need to do. Its best to register your IMEI number.


How can I learn my mobile’s IMEI number?

Deal  *#06# (star,hashtag,zero,six,hashtag) and you will see your 15 digits IMEI number on the screen.

Those who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey who purchase a phone from Turkey do not need to do the above.


While living in Turkey, it is necessary to get a Turkish number for the most economical & easy communication. It is possible to obtain these numbers from Türkcell, Vodafone &Türk Telecom companies, which are widely available in many parts of the cities. Generally, two types of systems are used when obtaining a phone number. The first is to buy a package that includes minutes & internet according to our call to number limit at certain periods. Tourists who do not have a residence permit in Turkey can benefit from these lines. We call these lines, which are temporarily purchased with a Passport, as a Touristic Card. The maximum period of use is 3 months.


Citizens of other countries who have a residence permit in Turkey have the right to purchase a postpaid telephone line just like Turkish citizens. For this, they must have the residence permit card & tax numbers given to them. In addition, a person who is a citizen of the Republic of Turkey using a telephone line from the relevant company must be a guarantor.




In Turkey, the price of the water we use at home is paid to the organization that provides 

Water & Sewerage services which are working under the Metropolitan Municipalities. In Antalya, this organization is called "ASAT". The officers who come to our apartments every month determine our water consumption. We can pay our water debt to ASAT branches in the city. However, the easiest payment method is to pay directly from internet banking with our mobile phone. Again, as an example, 1 Ton of water in Antalya in 2022 is 11 TL.


Keep in mind, documents are required for water subscription. I just want to give general information. The documents required for the subscription process are the Title Deed of the house, the resettlement report, the TCIP insurance, photocopy of the passport, the tax number, & if someone else will take action on your behalf, a power of attorney from the Notary is required. Do not worry, the company you bought the house from or the management of your site will help you. 


What happens if I don't pay? ASAT charges late payment interest for those who pay their debt late. However, it stops water service to subscribers who do not pay their debts for a long time (for example, 5 months) and who have high debt. After the debt is paid, the service is provided again.




Electricity services are the same as water services in terms of procedure. What is different is that electricity services are provided by private electricity distribution companies, not municipalities. The payment date of the electricity bills is written on them. After this date has passed 5 business days, the debt is paid as an overdue debt with interest. However, if it is not paid again, the electricity service is terminated by the persons in charge. However, when the debt is paid, electricity service is provided again on the same day.



Internet services in Turkey are provided by private companies. Internet service consists of three main parts: cable, fiber, &  mobile phone internet. To become an internet subscriber, the same mobile phone subscription terms apply. Customers with postpaid internet subscriptions can pay with mobile banking services, just like water & electricity. In addition, automatic payment orders can be given as in the water and electricity subscription.

Internet services are charged according to the service speed & capacity provided.

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