How to Buying Real Estate in Turkey?

Real estate purchase and sale transactions in Turkey are made in the Land Registry offices located in the province & districts. Land Registry Offices are organized under the General Directorate of Land Registry & Cadastre under the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

I Want to Buy Real Estate in Turkey

The above title is a search method that many people prefer when searching on Google. Our task is to fill the bottom of this title. Of course, only people living outside of Turkey make such a search. People in Turkey, on the other hand, search by giving a region or city name. For example: “I want to buy an apartment in Alanya.” 

Our goal as a company is to conduct a real estate business operating in the international arena. Being aware of this, we have prepared this article in line with the answers that our customers want.

Why should i buy a Property in Turkey?

Turkey is a Mediterranean country. We can say that Turkey is the country with the most beautiful Mediterranean climate. Turkey is a country where many people spend their holidays with its long beaches, sun, deep history, rich folklore & delicious cuisine. Tourism in Turkey is very developed. This development has emerged as a result of the positive impressions of the tourists rather than an advertisement. So much so that many people plan to spend a part or the rest of their life in this beautiful geography.

The 21st century has been a century where people wanted more freedom. The reason for this is that developing communication networks have evolved into social media organizations & people have the opportunity to get to know cultures & people in other countries more closely. As a result, states have turned some of their resources into international opportunities. Some countries, especially the Mediterranean Countries, have gained the advantage of both earning income & cultural development by giving the right to purchase real estate to the citizens of other countries on their own lands.

The vast majority of people who want to buy real estate in Turkey are those who want to buy a home & use their homes at certain times & have a more economical holiday in a home environment. However, many people who know Turkey better want to both live and invest in Turkey. For this reason, Turkey has been a very attractive country for investors who want to buy more than one house from time to time & then sell or rent it.

Turkey is not just a holiday country. Of course, people don't always want to take a vacation. By engaging in some economic activities, they also desire to earn income & succeed both in their own professional field and in their dream line of business. Turkey is a very suitable country for those who want to start a business & those who want to invest. There is no difficulty for anyone in Turkey just because he or she is a citizen of another country. In addition, Turkish people are people who love guests & love to share. They certainly don't want to interfere with anyone's business. For this reason, the person who wants to work in Turkey should  learn the market conditions & the economic balances of Turkey.

When we think of buying a house in Turkey, the first thing that comes to mind is Antalya and Alanya. For example, a person who wants to buy a house in Alanya has no difficulty in making a decision. Because both vacationing & living in this city, which is a mosaic of cultures from different cultures, is very different. Almost no one has regretted buying real estate in Alanya, Turkey. Because, the quality of life & the cheapness of the city's markets, it is a city where you can sell your house without difficulty.

It's nice to buy a house in Turkey! But how?

The first thing that a citizen of another country who wants to buy real estate in Turkey should do is to get a tax number. Getting a tax number is very easy. It can be easily obtained over the Internet. If you have decided to buy a house in Turkey and you have chosen the house you want to buy, what you need to do is to apply to the Land Registry Office. Together, the buyer and the seller apply to the intermediary institutions with the passport, tax number, photo & initiate the title deed application. The title deed directorate sends a reference number by phone message. Thus, the application process begins. The title deed puts the application in order, examines the documents and checks the suitability of the real estate to be sold according to the expert report, which is among the documents requested especially for foreign citizens. Independent expert institutions prepare the expert report. This institution must come & identify the real estate in question, examine the municipality & title deed records, photograph it, & perform price valuation studies. This process takes an average of one or two days. After all the formalities are completed, the Land Registry Office invites both the buyer & seller to the Land Registry Office. In the land registry office, the land registry officer, the seller & the buyer are present, and is called the "contracting desk". Signatures are posted here. Operations are recorded with the camera system. The title deed clerk asked the seller, “Did you get your money?” he asks. By then, the money must have been paid by the buyer. If the seller says “I did not buy.” says, the sale will not take place. If there is a mortgage on the real estate to be sold, the land registry officer will ask, “Do you agree to take it as a mortgage?” warns the buyer. If the buyer accepts, he gets the mortgage.

Procedure for foreign citizens in the transaction when buying Real Estate in Turkey

A Sworn Translator's signature is required for citizens of other countries when transactions are made at the land registry offices. Sworn Translators act as translators at the contracting table in the language of the country where the buyer & seller is a citizen or in the language they know & sign the official document.

The title deed tax amount to be paid is sent by phone message one hour before the title deed transactions are made. The rate of tax collected by the state for title deeds is 4% of the sales price declared to the title deed. The declared price cannot be below the municipal market value. For this, a document that must be brought while applying for the title deed is the "Municipal Market Value" letter.

In summary, the documents that must be submitted to the Land Registry for a citizen of another country to sell or buy a house are passport photocopy, photo, tax number. Expertise report, Earthquake insurance policy, Municipal Market Value letter & Land Registry application form are also prepared with the help of an intermediary institution or real estate firm.

The most important thing to do after getting the title deed is the transfer of electricity & water subscriptions or the acquisition of new subscribers. For these transactions, a photocopy of the title deed document & a residence certificate are required. These transactions are also carried out very cheaply (250 TL in 2022) through an intermediary institution.  

Please Note.. 2023 price is not guaranteed to 250TL, Please check with the institution.

We wish happiness to everyone who buys real estate in Turkey.

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