How to Get a Title Deed (Tapu) After Buying a Property in Turkey?


The word “TAPU” is derived from the Turkish word “Tapuk”. It means trust. The Land Registry & Cadastre Directorate, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Environment & Climate Change, is an institution that carries out the registration, cadastre & renewal works of immovable properties in Turkey in accordance with the laws. In order to have healthy information about an immovable property, it is necessary to know in which province, district, neighborhood or village, on which plot, island & parcel is located. With this information, you can find the document stating who owns the real estate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Title Deed (TAPU) in Turkey:

How is the mortgage on the title deed removed?

When your debt to the bank you owe is finished, the document called "Mortgage abandonment" must be sent electronically from the relevant bank to the Land Registry Directorate. Thus, the mortgage cancellation process is carried out by the Land Registry Directorate. There is no need to go to the Land Registry for this process.

What is the path to be followed for inheritance?

The following documents;

• Identification
• Power of attorney, if any
• Certificate of Inheritance (Original obtained from the Magistrates' Court or Notary Public) (Inheritance documents obtained from courts abroad must be approved by Turkish courts.)
• Compulsory Earthquake Insurance Policy (DASK) (For Buildings) The way to be followed: An application is made by one of the heirs from the Web deed, together with the certificate of inheritance from the Magistrates' Court or the Notary. After the Revolving Fund fee notified by the Land Registry Directorate is deposited by any bank via the internet, the transaction is carried out by going to the relevant land registry office & signing at the appointment time given by the Land Registry Directorate.

I lost my title deed. How can I get a new one?

There is no need to go to the Land Registry Office for this. It is ensured that the request is met by making an application via WEB TAPU. The fee requested for this document for the year 2022 is 100 TL. Check online for an updated fee for 2023.

My name is written wrong in the land registry. How can I fix it?

Transactions are directed from the web deed or Alo 181. If the letter error in the name is made due to the mistake of the Land Registry Directorate, the title deed fee & revolving funds are not paid. Otherwise, revolving funds & fees must be paid.

Is passport translation required for title deeds?

A Turkish translation is required for passports in which alphabets other than the Latin alphabet are used.

Do power of attorneys require a photograph?

A recent passport photo must be affixed & sealed, reflecting the current status of the power of attorney. Photo with staples is not valid. However, photographs are not obligatory for the power of attorney given by the companies that we call legal persons.

Is mortgage sales possible?

Mortgage sale is possible. However, the buyer must be aware of this. The creditor does not need to be informed.

Can the Buyer & the Seller sell the immovable in another place?

The buyer & seller can also make the sale of the immovable in any part of Turkey from a different land registry office.

What is forced selling?

The process of paying the sales price to the creditor as a result of the seizure & sale of the goods belonging to the debtor who does not pay the debt is called "forced sale".

What are the documents required for the donation process?

Documents required from the Land Registry Office for donation:
• Identity document (both parties or their legal representatives)
• If there is a power of attorney in the transaction (Power of Attorney)
• Property tax value (It is collected from municipalities).
• Compulsory earthquake insurance (DASK) for buildings

The fee for this transaction:
• A land registry fee of 68.31 per thousand is collected from the donor over the value declared for the donation, which shall not be less than the real estate declaration value.
• In the first transaction to be made after the grant process, the grant attachment of the immovable will be sought.
• In addition, the Revolving Fund Fee is collected by the Land Registry Directorate.

What is the validity period of the real estate declaration value?

In order for the real estate declaration value document to be processed by the land registry offices, it must belong to the relevant year.

Can I get the power of attorney or certificate of inheritance used during the transaction after the transaction?

The original power of attorney or the certificate of inheritance submitted during the transaction remains with the Land Registry Office & is archived in the file. No paperwork is given after the procedure.

What are the reasons for the termination of the power of attorney? How is the process of dismissal from power of attorney?

Unless otherwise agreed, the proxy process ends with the death of one of the parties, with the verdict of absence, with the loss of the ability to use his civil rights, with bankruptcy, resignation, dismissal, and if the time limit expires. The power of attorney is not subject to a dismissal form. Dismissal can be made through a notary public. Dismissal can also be made by petition, letter and fax.

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