The Christmas market in Alanya, when does it take place and who organizes it?


Social life in Alanya is very colorful and continues at all times of the day. We can briefly call Alanya the city that never sleeps. Because various opportunities have been created for many tourists who come to Alanya, which occupies an important place among the world's recreation and holiday destinations. Of course, the staff who prepare and water the clean streets and flowers when we go out in the morning also work hard after 3:00 at night. Alanya's preparation for the new day is also a source of activity and liveliness.

In such a city, many cultural, artistic and sporting events take place on different dates throughout the year. One of these events is the Christmas market. The second Saturday and Sunday in December have a beautiful meaning for Alanya and the residents from different countries living in Alanya.

What can we say about the beginning and development of the Christmas market events, which will take place for the 13th time in 2023?

Who organizes the Christmas market in Alanya?

The Christmas market in Alanya is organized by the Alanya Municipality. This shows that it is very important to keep the cultures of other peoples alive in Alanya. This is very important for people's solidarity, because Christmas is not part of the culture of Islam, but Muslims also attend this festival every year. The Christmas market continues to develop from year to year and arouses people's interest.

What is the history of the Christmas market in Alanya?

The first Christmas market in Alanya was established in 2010 in the area where the waterfall pool on the beach is now located. With the contributions of the Alanya Municipality and the Foreigners' Council, great progress has been made so far. It is currently being held in a large open area behind the community center. This organization, which was unable to take place for a year during the pandemic, is now facing an expected weekend of record attendance.

What events are there at the Christmas market?

The Christmas market events initially begin with participating country stands and an atmosphere in which these countries exhibited their own cultures and presented their food. In the following years, a stage was set up and folk dances and folklore from different countries were exhibited. With increasing participation in recent years, the event, which looks like a real Sunday, has evolved into a local fair rather than just a celebration of Christian culture. Of course the main element is Christmas and the 14 meter high Christmas tree, because this is what makes these days special. Traditional stands from associations from different countries will be set up. Mulled wine is served. Concerts take place in the evenings, and the stage is not empty during the day, as choirs and dances provide entertainment. Children are not forgotten either and events continue to take place that will remain fond memories for them as adults.

Can I shop at the Christmas market in Alanya?

In recent years, some clubs have sold both New Year decorations and jewelry at the Christmas market in Alanya, with the proceeds going to those in need and the club's activities. In addition, food stands in particular attract a lot of attention. Hospitals or social institutions that carry out advertising activities also provide information and brochures.

If you want to come to Alanya in December, you will like to experience a different Christmas market and entertainment.

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