Real Estate Investment in Turkey attracts foreigners from all over the world because of the good return on investment

How Much Return on Property Investment in Turkey?

One of the most important features that motivate foreign investors to invest in Turkey is the return on investment. Turkey's real estate market investments grow every year since the country provides the most beneficial returns to investors.

What is Return on Investment (ROI)?

How Much Return on Property Investment in Turkey?

The term "return on investment" refers to the amount of money or profit made on investment as a percentage of its cost. It is a metric that helps real estate investors decide whether to buy a property and compare one investment with another.

When compared to other investments, real estate has a clear advantage as it is the most dependable. It does not waste its capital due to trade losses or product corruption. The quality of the property selection and management are other important factors in increasing profits.

What Is a Good Return on Investment Property?

Real Estate Investments in Turkey

What real estate investors consider a good return on investment differs greatly. This is because the answer to the question "What is a good ROI for a property?" is dependent on several factors. These factors must be considered when determining a good ROI.

However, the definition of a good return on investment property is determined by the method of financing. Some investors choose to buy rental homes with cash because they have a lot of money. Most new investors, on the other hand, prefer to use a mortgage to fund their income properties.

Therefore, investors must evaluate their financing approach. Depending on your financing arrangement, you'll need to use a different metric to calculate the expected rate of return. This can help determine whether it's good or not.

How Many Returns Expected in Property in Turkey?

The real estate sector in Turkey offers investors 150% returns by attracting foreign investors as the only profitable investment opportunity. There are many projects in Turkey that are distributed throughout the country's cities, including residential and commercial.

How Much Return on Property Investment in Turkey?

Before purchasing a house in Turkey, you must first choose your budget and the amount of money you are ready to invest. You must choose the right property to get the best return on investment. You must evaluate the property's increased worth, which is decided by how enticing it appears to potential buyers.

It will be easier for you to find a suitable property where you can rent or resell the property. The profits on real estate investments in Turkey vary depending on several factors:

• The property's location

• Type and age of the property

• Additional property-related amenities

• Quality of the property

One of the most important advantages of real estate investment in Turkey is the guaranteed return on investment. A foreign investor can purchase residential or commercial property and receive a guaranteed annual return of up to 10% of the property's value. The profit return is generated by the property's rental within the conditions of the purchase contracts.

Rental Returns in Commercial and Residential Properties

Rental properties are a common type of real estate investment in Turkey. Real estate provides a reliable source of income. The rental yields are 8-11% compared to 2-4 % for residential properties.

Short-term leases are preferred for residential properties. Whereas a 3+3+3-year agreement with a predetermined rent increase is negotiated for commercial property.

There are other things to consider for the best return on investment real estate in Turkey. These are:

Financing Options

Managing your financial situation is a key factor. However, you can apply for mortgages, if you don't have enough sources to buy a property.

How Much Return on Property Investment in Turkey?

Banks offer loans for real estate investment in Turkey. The conditions and amounts vary depending on the type of property. It is easier to get a loan from a bank for a residential property worth at least 90% of the property value. Loans for commercial property are more difficult to come by, and only 60% of the property's worth is insured.

The interest rate is substantially higher. You should only use it if you have sufficient funds ready. Yet, you could still invest in a residential property if you just have a limited amount of money.

Exchange Rate in Turkey

The depreciation of the local currency against the US dollar results in a rise in exports and foreign investment. As a result, the Turkish lira-to-US-dollar exchange rate provides major benefits.

If you wish to make a real estate investment in Turkey, you should consider the rise and fall of the Turkish Lira. The rate of conversion between your currency and the Turkish Lira will either help you or cost you money.

Timing is critical when dealing in Turkish currency in exchange for your money. The Turkish currency has lost 30% of its value in the last year, giving a 30% discount. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in Turkish real estate when the Turkish Lira is weak.

Top Cities for Best Property Investment in Turkey

1- Istanbul

Istanbul was the world’s 8th most visited city in the world in 2020. Istanbul is Europe's largest city in terms of population. It is producing a massive demand for residential space (renting or buying). Istanbul's real estate investment could be a source of greater ROI due to its rapidly rising population.

The average real estate ROI in Istanbul is around 74,78 %. This ratio may include costs such as repair and maintenance, property tax, financing costs, and so on.

2- Antalya

Antalya is a wonderful spot to visit during your vacation. It is brimming with contemporary luxury resorts and villas. There is a large population of ex-pats, and the city center is open all year.

Many real estate investors and residents choose Antalya as a destination. Antalya has substantially lower housing costs in comparison to other cities.

The average return on investment in Antalya is of %78.16 including real estate expenses.

3- Bursa

It is the most popular city among Middle Eastern buyers. There has been an increase in demand for real estate in Bursa after the construction of the Osman Gazi Bridge in 2016.

The average return on investment in Bursa is 55.92%.

4- Izmir

Izmir is Turkey's third-largest city and an important center for tourism, sea transportation, and industry. International investments have recently increased significantly in the city.

The average return on real estate investment in Izmir is 55.26%.

5- Mugla

Mugla is a city that stands out, especially with luxury villas. Fethiye with beautiful landscapes, small villages, and Bodrum with fascinating and ancient ruins, castles, beaches, and resorts are the prominent regions of Mugla.

The disadvantage of investing in Bodrum is that its property costs are higher than those in Fethiye. Yet there are still cheap options available.

If you want to invest in Turkiye property, then now is the time! Prices are quite reasonable for foreign investors, thanks to recent decreases in the value of the Turkish Lira. There is a wide selection available in numerous locations and an expanding demand for properties. Property investment in Turkiye is appealing right now.

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