What Specialties are there in Turkey's Mediterranean Cuisine?



Mediterranean Cuisine is one of the most well-known cuisines in the world. Mediterranean cuisine is very important for those who want to eat healthy. Because lemon, orange, mint, parsley & seafood in Mediterranean cuisine are very valuable foods for a healthy life. In addition, olives & olive oil, spices, unique wheat, avocado & banana are grown in the Mediterranean climate, where both are  healthy & taste amazing. Of course, when it comes to Mediterranean Cuisine, a lot of herbs & salads come to mind. Each region has  herbs that are uniquely collected & eaten. In Mediterranean cuisine, there is a large group of herbs in the form of herbs that grow in this natural environment & are collected to be eaten. Both salads & main dishes are made from these herbs. The Mediterranean Geography has a very deep historical accumulation around which the oldest cultures of the world lived. A culinary culture is dazzling with the artifacts that have been brought to the present day as a deep historical & cultural heritage in many districts of Hatay province, especially Antakya & Iskenderun, which is the meeting point of different beliefs & civilizations.  I think it is necessary to write a book just to count the food & delicacies of this city. Adana Kebab, which belongs to Adana province, whose name is mentioned all over the world, has now entered world literature. Of course, the taste of Adana kebab is even better when it is eaten in Adana. The North East Mediterranean, namely Adana, Kahramanmaras, Mersin, Hatay & Gaziantep provinces, which are a special region of the Mediterranean food culture, now occupy a special place in gourmet tourism.


Mediterranean salad is now appearing in all concept cafes & restaurants around the world  with different decorations & names, especially for those who are considering a light lunch. Mediterranean salads with lots of sour, pomegranate sauce, olive oil, avocado & cheese or seafood, which are differentiated, are also pleasing to the eye, & remain as a pleasant happiness & an unforgettable memory in the future.



Seafood holds an important place in Mediterranean tables. A beautiful sunset will witness these unforgettable moments, with shrimp casseroles in the oven with olive oil & butter, decorated with various spices, one of the most precious foods on the tables, as well as with white wine or beer. While the seaside restaurants in the most beautiful places of the coast, which have adorned presentations with Octopus, Squid and Fish varieties, host their guests, they are different from each other in terms of taste, but each one is a part of the Mediterranean Cuisine. This culture, which is abundantly felt on the Turkish & Greek coasts, has very similar aspects to each other. Sirtaki dances from the restaurants on the Greek beaches and zeybek dances from the Turkish coasts bring their guests into a very different lifestyle.



In recent years, Mediterranean Cuisine have started to show itself with its desserts. An important part of the Mediterranean Cuisine is the French Cuisine, which is one of the important flavors of the World Cuisine. In recent years, a lot of importance has been given to presentations on the Turkish coasts. While the presentations are being prepared, the famous desserts of countries such as France, Spain & Italy are abundant in restaurants and cafeterias, especially in desserts. Some of these are Trilece, Tiramisu, Souffle, Panna Cotta, San Sebastian Cheesecake, Profiterole and Turkish Cuisine Baklava and Kadayif. In recent years, fig dessert has been very popular both for its preparation and presentation.



Turkish Cuisine shows a lot of variability in the meeting of the Mediterranean Cuisine with the regions. For this reason, it has a region recommended by gourmets, where each taste is introduced specifically, & a well-presented cuisine.

Where & which foods should a person who is unfamiliar with the Mediterranean Cuisine taste

I would like to give a few examples of your question. For example, a passenger on his way from Antalya to Alanya should definitely eat Aksu meatballs & Piyaz in Aksu. If you are a guest at a home in Alanya for dinner, the first food they will serve you is “Guluklu soup”. When Mersin is mentioned, the first food that comes to mind is "Tantuni", Adana's "Adana kebab", & when Antakya is mentioned, "Tepsi kebab". Mussels in Turkey should be eaten in Izmir.

The Turkish part of the Mediterranean geography, the thousand - kilometer Taurus Mountains & the goats with sheeps grazing side by side on the peaks of these mountains, & beekeeping come to mind. The world's best quality honey is produced in the Taurus Mountains. Taurus Honey has been chosen as the best honey many times in competitions & organizations.

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