Where is Demirtas in Alanya? How does it look there?

Alanya, Demirtas

Demirtas is a district in the east of Alanya. It is located 15 km from Gazipaşa airport & is a wonderful area of Alanya, which still remains un-popular. Demirtas is still untouched by modern civilization and  nature is preserved & has the sense of adventure in it. It makes the area att-ractive in terms of aesthetic qualities and sensations. So, it is easy and pleasant to breathe, environmentally-friendly air combined with the freshness of the forest and the sea breeze give incomparable feelings.
The infrastructure is quite developed in terms of social facilities, but the entertainment sector is not too attractive for tourists, so Demirtas is chosen by family people with children, as well as those who are closer to a quiet holiday by nature. You will not find night clubs and restaur-ants with noisy music. Demirtas is chosen for a restorative rest of body and soul. Demirtas is beautiful, as the authentic rural building here is adjacent to modern residential projects. Even as a resident of a new building, you will always have access to the benefits of farming life - buy fresh milk, dairy products and cheeses. 
The coastline of  Demirtas is represented by a sandy-pebble coating. The gentle entrance to the sea and the purest water, as well as the san-dy seabed make this place an excellent option for swimming with children.  Fishermen love this place for a good catch. Fish, octopuses, crabs are found in Demirtas.  Moreover, part of Demirtas beach is a nature reserve. Caretta turtles come out here in the summer to lay eggs. 

The area is also attractive because it has a rich history. On Mount Asar, there are the ancient ruins of Siedra, the first mention of which dates back to the 1st  century BC. The highest point of this ancient city is also attractive because it offers fantastic views of the chain of mountain ranges of the Taurus.
Another natural wonder is Sapadere Canyon.

Sapadere Canyon

This place is called a miracle of nature. The views are so beautiful here. By the way, the place has become one of the tourist routes. On its territory you can relax in one of the cafes.
Demirtas is also famous for its Mineral Stone, Diabase, also known as Dolerite & microgarbo in the literature, extracted from the alley of Dem-irtas, Alanya; it is a volcanic stone, which has millions of years of adventure formed in deep magma with very high intensity of hardness. It is structurally close to granite and basalt stone. It reveals a green and homogeneous color with its fine inclusions caused by crystallization with its medium basalt stone.  Extremely resistant to harsh climatic and tensile conditions, this stone is suitable for outdoor use.  Demirtas export its products to Far East, Middle East and Europe besides the market in Turkey. Demirtas use its powerful advantages in the Diabase mining industry in many national projects in Turkey and the references reflects the effectiveness in the market.
 In Summary…
Demirtas is an area with a distinct local atmosphere and is far from the hustle of towns and cities. It is a place where locals live in tranquility surrounded by nature, and crystal clear beaches. There are virtually no hotels in Demirtas to disturb the peaceful and quiet life style that De-mirtas provides. It mostly consists of farming land, as most locals grow their crops here. You are able to take many hikes in the pine wood fo-rests, and up the Taurus mountains.  
If you are looking for a peaceful area, close to the nature, Demirtas is your choice. Here you are surrounded by nature with clear streams, forests and tranquility. A fabulous place to rest and replenish energy.

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