How is Life in Alanya and what can I do there in my free time or which places can I visit there?


Alanya is the perfect place for a comfortable life far from the hustle and bustle of large cities, where all the amenities and tranquility of its inhabitants are available, so if you want to buy a house in Alanya, live in a calm and comfort climate, there is  no better option than this city. 

Alanya has been a long standing favorite due to its sunny climate, stunning beaches, friendly people & with beautiful apartments and villas.

The added advantage is that the Turkish Lira has a great value to the Pound, Euro or Dollar proving excellent value for money during your live in Alanya.

Thousands of expats living in Alanya, life is as exactly as it should be. Peaceful, calm, minimal maintenance & with sunshine for 300 days of the year. Walking around the city is always one of the nice things to do, especially when you own your property in Alanya.  Walking through the historical & natural places of Alanya, the breath of wind from the sea will pleasantly relax you.  You can start the walk from the port of Alanya to Cleopatra beach, along the sea along a beautiful boulevard, while making stops along the way in wonderful green parks with sports fields.  If you want to climb to the top of the fortress, then you can choose the road that starts from the Red Tower or from the Damlatas cave. Along the way, you can find some amazing  cozy cafes where you can relax, refresh yourself with cold drinks or with some delicious Turkish tea & admire the beautiful panoramic views. You can also start your walk from Ataturk Square to the lighthouse along Ataturk Boulevard. The boulevard is surrounded by green squares & alleys of huge palm trees, which generously give shade & coolness. Clubs, bars, cafes & restaurants are cozily located along the wide street. Shoppers can stroll through the bustling shopping districts.

In the center of Alanya, you will feel like you are in a huge open-air shopping mall. You can look into countless boutiques with popular Turkish clothing brands, jewelry & souvenir shops with a wide variety of goods, bargain a lot, &  then relax grab a bite to eat in numerous cafes, restaurants, pizzerias & pastry shops. Most important thing, do not forget to use sunscreen between 11:00 & 15:00 hours of the day when the sun is active, drink enough water & wear a hat.



A perfect place to cool yourself down one day away from the sea. Dimcay ( translated as Dim River but often reffered to as Dimcay River by foreigners by mistake ) is a river flowing until the coast from the Taurus Mountains. The river has played a big role in Alanya agriculture development in the past, nowadays it is mostly a favorite relax and picnic place with countless restaurants and attractions along the river. Local people love to come to Dimcay on Sundays for fishing, resting & BBQ. Dimchai is the name of the river that comes down from the mountains which then flows into the sea east 6 km from Alanya. When you own a property in Alanya, Dimchai should be the first place to visit, where you can hide from the hot sun, enjoy the coolness of the river & breathe clean mountain air, as well as swim in the icy water of this river. At the very top of the hill there is the Dim Dam, which provides electricity & drinking water to the entire city of Alanya. In total, there are about 30 restaurants & picnic places in Dimchai, where you can always be offered meat, chicken, fish, & vegetarian dishes of your choice. Having your own apartment, is a great pleasure to go to Dimchai with your family, friends, or your soulmate, sit in a cozy gazebo, which is located right on the cold mountain water & order fried fish along with a cold drink. On hot summer days there will be a 10-15 degree difference between sultry Alanya & Dimchai. You can also go for breakfast with an open buffet, which you can find in almost every restaurant. If you love fish, this is really the right place to go “fishing”, which will be prepared for you, fried or baked for every taste. Some restaurants also organize live music so you can enjoy  while you dine.






Alanya is a coastal city, 70 km long, located in the south of Turkey. The pearl of Alanya is Cleopatra Beach, which is famous all over the world for its golden sand. The sea here has crystal clear water. Across the road from the beach there are many restaurants, cafes, hotels & residential complexes. There are also wonderful parks & sports grounds located along the beach.

Cleopatra Beach is located in the center of Alanya & stretches for 2.5 km from the Damlatas cave to the Dinek observation deck. The beach got its name in honor of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. According to legend, the Roman commander Mark Antony gave her Alanya. Traveling from Egypt, Cleopatra stopped at her castle in Alanya & bathed in the beautiful sea. Legends say that she left the castle to the beach through a tunnel. Since 2004, the beach has been awarded the Blue Flag every year. The "Blue Flag" is the FEE (Fund for Environmental Education) program, a water analysis test for compliance with all Hygiene criteria. As a result of successfully passing all the requirements, the beach receives an award & a  FEE award in the form of a "Blue Flag", which is very popular for many years. The water here is so clean & transparent, for diving enthusiasts &, it will be a great pleasure to see the underwater world at a glance. That is why millions of foreign & local tourists come to the world famous Cleopatra Beach. Entrance to the beach is free, but you have to pay for sun loungers & umbrellas. Every 50 meters there are small beach bars where you can always buy food, drinks and ice cream. Fans of outdoor activities will find a variety of water sports here: water skiing, "banana", jet ski, parasailing and many more. Cleopatra Beach is also attractive for tourists in winter, you can see them swimming in the sea all year round. In the evening, we strongly recommend that you enjoy the beautiful sunset of Alanya. Every day, hundreds of people admire this incredible spectacle here.

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