What kinds of Sport and Art Activities are there in Alanya?


Alanya is more than a city of history & tourism, Alanya is also impressive with its sports & cultural organizations. 300 days out of the year, Alanya is sunny & suitable for all kinds of activities in the open air, sports & cultural organizations in general have developed in accordance with open environments. When Alanya is mentioned, tourism comes to mind, and has multiple branches for tourism. Two of these branches are sports & cultural tourism. Alanya is on top in these two areas. Events in different fields are held at different times of the year & attract both athletes, artists and spectators.



Paragliding as an amateur & parasailing with a parachute taking off depending on a speed motor are very common. In fact, commercial organizations have been established in these sectors. In addition, courses are organized for paragliding & certificates are given. In recent years, the sea is very suitable for individual water sports such as canoeing & surf board, especially in the morning hours. Since Alanya is a residential area that lives intertwined with the sea, water sports competitions are also held. Some of these organizations are held internationally on a regular basis. These organizations are also carried out in the Paralympic areas. Beach Volleyball & Beach Football organizations are held with international participation. The last stage of the Presidential Road Cycling Tour, which is organized every year in April with the interest of clubs from many countries, is held in Alanya. In addition, Triathlon competitions are held every year, again internationally & in various categories.

Alanya has also made great progress in the field of football in recent years. AlanyaSpor, which has been promoted to the Turkish Super League, has managed to hold on there & has achieved remarkable successes. The newly built Alanya City Stadium & the success of Alanyaspor in football has a very good attraction for sports lovers.

Many hotels have also created fields in football & other branches. Especially because of the warm winter months, some big clubs from Europe & Russia make their winter camps in these hotels. Besides all this, the beaches of Alanya are full of people of various age groups walking, jogging in the morning. In addition to walking & cycling organizations for a healthy life, it can be seen that yoga & gymnastic activities have also been carried out in small groups.




Alanya is a city that never sleeps. There are entertainment centers all over the city. These entertainment centers host famous soloists & music groups from time to time & present them to the people of Alanya. In addition, Alanya Municipality has some activities throughout the year in order for the public to have more comfortable & free art activities. These events are held in the center of Alanya or in the districts far from the center. Although the Oil Wrestling Competitions held within the scope of Alanya Plateau Festivals are a sports event, the aim is to keep the traditions alive. During the highland activities, a series of concerts are given & the artists are  liked by the local people & are given the stage. Alanya Tourism Festival is held every year in May. Art events take place during this festival. Photography, painting exhibitions, meetings, interviews, competitions where sculptors exhibit their works, public concerts, dance performances, local promotions come to the fore.

Alanya Jazz Days meet with the audience under the Kizilkule, the most well-known area of ​​Alanya, for three days in the last days of September every year. In this context, many internationally renowned artists take the stage.

The Christmas Market has become one of the most sought after events in Alanya. Held for the 12th time in 2022, the Christmas market is held on Alanya Beach in the second week of December. Within these events, different countries & social aid organizations open their own stands which offer their guests a taste of their traditions & dishes. In the Christmas market, which is in a festive atmosphere, the stage is always open, & many local dance groups take the stage.

There are also many cultural organizations supported by educational institutions in Alanya. In this context, book days & theater days are organized. The Alanya museum, historical areas such as the Kizilkule museum, the Ataturk house museum, the Ipek house & culture museum, and the inner castle museum have been converted into museums.

Home accessories made with pumpkin carving as a handicraft in Alanya attract attention. Lampshades for lamps are made by making patterns by drilling holes after the specially grown ornamental pumpkins are dried & emptied, then  decorated with colored stones & glasses, & they take their places to be sold in the markets.

In addition, art symposiums, especially Sculpture, are organized in Alanya.

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