How is the Health system in Turkey, what can I do if I get sick on vacation?



Turkey's Beautiful Mediterranean Coast has now become the focus of attention of people seeking not only for health benefits but also with tourism. While on holiday or living in this beautiful city of the Mediterranean coast, the biggest question in our minds is what If something happens to me or my family, who will help me and how?

The State attaches great importance to health services in Turkey. Health services are carried out in a treatment-oriented manner without distinguishing anyone. However, there are some rules in health services. Because the treatment costs of people are covered by the state in some cases, insurance companies in some cases, and sometimes by themselves.

Health Institutions Regional and City Hospitals, University Hospitals, Private Hospitals serve as state-affiliated district clinics & private clinics with different specializations according to the type of the disease.

Emergency services of hospitals & emergency service points in neighborhoods are on duty 24 hours a day for quick access to the patient & quick treatment.

There is never a problem of access to medicine anywhere in Turkey. The pharmaceutical industry is at the service of the public with its regional and local warehouses & pharmacies. On weekends & from 19.00 in the evening to 08.00 in the morning, there is a pharmacy on duty. The duty pharmacy application is carried out in order according to the population density.




Health services in Alanya, Alaaddin Keykubat University Training & Research Hospital, which is a private university, Training & Research Hospital, Private Alanya Life Hospital, Private Alanya Anadolu Hospital, Private Alanya Healing Medical Center, Hospitals are successful with their doctors in different branches with experience performing operations.

In addition, private dental & eye hospitals & private polyclinics, formed by physicians in the same specialty or in close specialties, provide widespread service especially to patients coming from abroad who want to receive better, faster & cheaper service.

There are large polyclinics for women's health research,uterine, & breast cancer screening centers where gynecologists & obstetricians work, which women desperately need.

Special services are provided for dialysis patients by some hospitals that regularly pick up patients from their homes & bring them home after the procedure is over.

Large hotels in Alanya also have health personnel or contracted outpatient clinics.





Family physicians in the Health Centers play a major role in preventive health services in Alanya. Vaccinations, neighborhood scans & notifications of contagious diseases, which must be done on time for every child born, are carried out meticulously, as in all of Turkey. With the private health units established for this purpose, special health screenings are carried out for those who want to start a job in the service sector and those who work in these jobs. There are also free health institutions for the tests & controls that should be done at certain times, especially for women.





Health services for citizens of other nations residing in Turkey & having a residence permit are provided free of charge, just like Turkish citizens, if they are members of the State Social Insurance Institution & pay their health premiums regularly every month. In some cases, private health insurance comes into the picture, & citizens of other countries who prefer private health insurance can receive limited services free of charge from contracted institutions. However, since these insurance companies cannot provide service at the expected speed in cases of severe illness, the Hospitals often collect their fees from the patients with the receipts they give later, from their own health insurance companies.  If a foreign citizen needs to be hospitalized or requires an emergency operation (such as appendicitis), state-affiliated hospitals provide all kinds of convenience & provide a very useful service by charging a small health service, hospitalization care, & meal fees in the tariff applied to Turkish citizens.

Blood, urine & other analyzes are taken by health centers or from the laboratory department in hospitals & the results are announced on the same day. The declared results are evaluated under the supervision of the relevant doctor of the hospital or health unit.





Veterinary Services in Alanya are carried out under the District Directorate of Agriculture under the Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry, throughout Turkey. Animals & Humans live very close to each other. We sometimes use some animals as a source of nutrition, and some animals for purposes such as transportation and protection by taking advantage of their different characteristics. In recent years, many people keep animals such as cats and dogs in their homes & live with them. In this context, there are some public health & animal health units of the state & municipalities for both the health of animals & the protection of people from diseases that can be transmitted from animals.  Among these services, mobile veterinary services affiliated to District agriculture directorates make an important service in the identification of animals. It monitors them by attaching special electronic chips. Leaving aside the professional organizations engaged in animal husbandry in Alanya, I would like to give information about the cats & dogs that we keep in our homes & live on the streets. Because this is an important  issue that interests us the most right now. Alanya Municipality has multi-faceted units working with stray animals. These units treat the cats & dogs living on the streets when they are injured or sick, & collect the dogs that are likely to harm the environment & send them to animal shelters. There are two animal shelters in Alanya.  Stray animals do not receive such good attention as pets. For this reason, voluntary non-governmental organizations & animal lovers always give a lot of support to stray animals. There are veterinary clinics in Alanya that provide professional service for those who own pets. In these clinics, examination, diagnosis, laboratory, x-ray, ultrasound, vaccination & follow-up, shaving, bathing, & dental care, check-up services are provided.  The practice of cat houses & cat parks are created by Alanya Municipality in the quiet areas of some parks continues successfully.

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