Mersin is one of the most popular tourist destinations, Mersin is a location of choice for many Expats

Living In Mersin, Turkey, As Expats

Living as an expat is often attributed to a luxurious lifestyle rich with culture, exploration and the liberty of seeing more of the world’s beau-ty. There’s also the added advantage of being able to see new places constantly and an opportunity to expand knowledge and experien-ces. Mersin in Turkey could be one of the best places for you to experience all these and more as an Expat, and in this article, we’ll tell you why this is so. 
Mersin is one of the most popular tourist destinations with beaches, resorts, and a distinct allure dating back to ancient times. It is a city bustling with notable attractions that most tourists find irresistible. These include the Mersin marina, the Tarsus waterfall, Soli Pompeio-polis ancient city ruins, and many delectable local cuisines. The city embodies what every Expat and tourist wants, and a vibrant, dynamic city offering the ultimate blend of history, fun, culture and modernity. 

However, that’s not all. Let’s discuss more reasons you should consider living in Mersin as an Expat. 

Reasons To Live In Mersin As An Expat

Life in Mersin is not only culturally and economically appealing, but the cost of living in the city is also considerably low compared to the cities in Turkey. The economic conditions are favourable, and the weather is beyond fantastic.

Lower Cost Of Living

Mersin is a location of choice for many Expats because the cost of living is affordable compared to other European countries. The city keeps accumulating more numbers of tourists and Expats for this reason. Housing prices are more affordable, and day-to-day activities do not necessarily cost too much. Mersin could be another less expensive alternative to consider as an Expat.

 Favourable Economic Conditions

The economic conditions of Mersin are another factor that gives it a competitive advantage compared to many other locations. The city has the second-largest port, which facilitates all import and export activities. The city also actively invests in horticulture and agriculture, making it a major supplier and producer of products like fruits, cotton, olives and more. 
The city’s favourable economic conditions have also paved the way for more job opportunities for its residents. Expats, tourists and residents can explore the varying employment opportunities the city provides. The average monthly salary in the city is around 3000TL. 

Tourist Attractions

Live in Mersin

Tourism is at the heart of Mersin and is a major selling point for the city. The city is home to numerous monuments due to its culturally rich background. Amongst many historical artefacts in the city are Aya Tekla Cave church, the temple of Zeus, anemurium Roman city and more. History is one of many tourist destinations for Expats in Mersin. The city has beautiful beaches, the Tarsus waterfall, Mersin Marina, and classical restaurants. 

Weather In Mersin

The weather in Mersin is generally pleasant; on average, it rains or snows a few times a year, and the warmth makes it a delightful place. The climate is mild, and the average annual temperature is around 60.8 degrees F. 

Best Five Places To Live In Mersin As An Expat

There are several desirable locations to consider living in Mersin as an Expat, and it is natural for your choices to depend on your preferences. Here is a list of the top places to consider as an Expats visiting Mersin. 


Tarsus is a historical city in Mersin and the third-largest metropolitan region in Turkey. Its history dates back 6000 years, yet it has maintained its beauty and allure until now. There are distinctive local cuisines to look forward to in Tarsus, such as chargrilled chicken hummus, tantuni (a sandwich made with chopped lambs) and others. It has two football stadiums for recreational activities. It is a peaceful location that is naturally accommodating to many. 


Toroslar is another historical location rich in culture and heritage. The district houses the ruins of some of the earliest human settlements and is surrounded by mountains. It has excellent weather, which makes it a pleasant location to live, and it also offers a peaceful and quiet community. The locals are accommodating, and the cost of living is relatively affordable. 


Mezitli is generally classified as the residence of middle-class occupants. It offers a comfortable lifestyle without necessarily costing much. The district also has some of the most beautiful views in Mersin, including beaches, parks, and historical locations where you’ll find all kinds of exciting daily social activities. Mezitli should be on your list of places to live in Mersin.


Akdeniz leads in beauty in lifestyle, sitting at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is generally preferred by most for this beauty and because the cost of living is lowest in the district compared to other locations in the city. It also houses most of the business quarters in the city and is dominated by the working class. If you’re moving to Mersin for business purposes, Akdeniz could be the location to consider. 


Yenisehir is densely populated and is famous for the hustle and bustle of tourists and Expats. It also represents most of the city’s commercial interests. Hence, it is a place to visit for commercial purposes. There are various locations for fun activities like sports venues, the national garden, the city’s largest mosque, the Archeological museum, the city forest museum and more. There are more options for leisure activities, and you can experience them by visiting Yenisehir in Mersin today. 

Take Home

Live in Mersin

The city of Mersin is famous for numerous reasons, most of which have been covered in this article. The beauty of this location is indeed a marvel, and it offers some of the best sights to see in Turkey. Mersin could be your next destination as an Expat. It could also be on your list of cities to visit as a tourist or traveller. 

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