Statistics of Foreigners in Turkiye one of the most visited countries by expats and foreigners

Statistics of Foreigners in Turkiye

Turkiye is one of the most visited countries by expats and foreigners. And this is for reasons none other than its historic beauty, scenery, sophisticated architecture, lovely food, people, and more. Antalya is one of the most popularly visited provinces in the country. It is a resort city famous for its blue waters, beaches surrounded by large, luxurious hotels, and a popular getaway for unforgettable experiences. 

In the past years, the statistics have seen declines and increases. Still, recent updates show that the number of foreigners who come into Turkiye has seen a 37% increase in January-February, 2023. The numbers exceeded 3.87 million from the 2.82 million visitors in 2022. Tourists who visit Alanya alone from this percentage are about 10%, and more than 3 million people visit the city yearly. 

All in all, Turkiye is a leading destination for foreigners. And in this article, we'll discuss more about the statistics of foreigners in Turkiye, as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world

How Many Tourists Are In Antalya, Turkiye?

Turkiye’s  third most popular destination among expats after Istanbul and Ankara is the province of Antalya. According to the Turkish Institute of Statistics (TUIK), Antalya accounts for about 6.5% of people who move into Turkiye. In 2021, 43,929 expats from different countries moved to Antalya. Today, that number has almost tripled, with 102,634 foreigners living in the resort province of Antalya. 

Being a welcoming province, most Antalya districts are dominated by foreigners and are famous for being accommodating and friendly to visitors. According to the Institute of Statistics, the largest share of expats in Antalya today are Russians, with 16,724 expats and 6,525 of them living in Alanya. In 2019, expats from Iran were in second place (9,778 people), and Germans occupied third place (9,224 people). In addition, foreign residents moving to Turkiye for permanent residency also include Iraqis, Ukrainians, Kyrgyz, Azerbaijanis, and Kazantzakis. 

How Many Tourists Visit The Alanya District?

Alanya is a beach resort city located in the province of Antalya in Turkiye. The beaches, sceneries, and serenities make it a top resort and vacation location for visitors. Over the years, the city has seen growing activities and is tagged the most popular city in the province among expatriates. Alanya is growing fast, with a population of 317,000. More data shows that in 2019, there were 29,835 foreign residents living in Alanya, a whopping 9.4 percent of the total population.

Foreigners make up 15% of southern Turkey's Alanya. With its historical and natural beauty, the Antalya province's Alanya region in southern Turkey draws an increasing number of foreign residents and visitors. As we've earlier established, It is one of Turkey's most popular tourist attractions and is currently home to over 31,500 foreign citizens from 82 different countries as part of its 312,000 population.

While the district is famous for its resort beaches, and night life, it is also a city with many religious sites, diversity, and civilization. Many would testify to this, including Mayor Adem Murat Yucel, who mentioned to the Anadolu Agency that the district had become a foreign spot for tourists and foreigners and a city of religions, languages, and civilizations. 

Foreigners Council in Alanya

Considering how populated the city is with foreigners, certain arrangements have been made to cater to these visitors' welfare and improve their living standards. One of these arrangements is the Alanya Foreigners Council, founded 15 years ago in tandem with the district's expanding foreign community. The council is one of the municipal services provided to visitors to the area, renowned for its historical treasures and picturesque settings. 

They oversee the well-being of foreigners in the district. The council meets monthly and comprises 25 representatives from Scandinavia, Germany, Poland, and Russia.

According to Mayor Yucel, the Alanya Foreigners Council's goal is to try and address the problems of the district's foreign residents. Most especially because these residents comprise about 10% of the total population. The council also integrates them with the local community and gives them a platform to preserve their cultures.

In addition, Abdullah Karaoglu, the chairman of the Alanya Foreigners Council, claimed that Alanya was distinct from other Turkish cities in terms of its culture, geography, and cosmopolitan population. He further noted it was an excellent example of multicultural integration. The second most popular after Alanya in Antalya's Muratpasha district, with 24,928 expats, and the district of Antalya - Konyaalti is the third, with 18,509 expats. 

What Is Turkey's Tourism Statistics?

Tourism statistics in Turkey have significantly increased over time. Turkiye's tourism figures for 2017 increased by 20.71% from the previous year to 31,993,000,000.00. A 15% increase from 2017 brought the figures for 2018 to 36,791,000,000.00. 

The number of visitors in Turkiye in 2019 was 41,415,000,000.00, up 12.57% from the last year. 2020 tourist figures for Turkiye showed a 13,771,000,000.00 drop from 2019. 

According to more data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of foreign visitors to Turkiye during January and February of 2023 rose by 37% and surpassed 3.87 million. This marks a tremendous increase from the 2.82 million people who visited in 2022.

Statistics of Foreigners in Turkiye

What Percentage Of The German Population Is Turkish?

The Turkiye population in Germany represents one of the country's largest majority groups and has existed for over a decade. Turks living in Germany have been said to be so ingrained in the culture that they left several prints of Turk culture and cuisine on German soil.

According to statistics, 2 million persons with Turkish ancestry were predicted to live in Germany between 2011 and 2018. This percentage makes up about 2.5% of all citizens of the Federal Republic. 

How many tourists visit Alanya each year?

Nearly 3 million people visit Alanya yearly. Being a leading tourist destination in Turkey, the districts get around 10% of the visitors that come into the country. And this is a massive booster to Alanya's economy. 

Which nationality visits Turkiye the most?

The top three nationalities that visit Turkey the most are Russia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Russia makes up 7,017,657 of the population, while Germany takes 5,027,472 and the UK 2,562,064.

What's the average Tourist visit in Turkiye?

Tourist Arrivals in Turkey averaged 1847092.60 from 1993 until 2023, reaching an all-time high of 6665129.00 in July of 2022 and a record low of 24238.00 in April 2020.

What are international tourism receipts?

International tourism receipts include payments to national carriers for all international expenses incurred by tourists. It is a detailed overview of tourists covering all expenditures including money spent on accommodation, food, entertainment, transportation and more. It is mostly charged in U.S. dollars, & also shows the average Statistics of Foreigners in Turkiye.


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